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Perforated Window Decals (1)

Perforated Window Decals

Use large, fade-proof and versatile see-through window adhesives to showcase vibrant advertisements without sacrificing your view or privacy.

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Installation Guide For Perforated Window Decals

Dry Mounting

This is the quickest method of installation for perforated window decals. It’s advisable to do the process with assistance. It may be difficult to apply larger sizes alone and you won’t be able to reposition the adhesive once it sticks to the surface.

Step 1: Clean the window before applying the product for a smooth installation.

Step 2: Place the window perf on the glass in the position you want it to be applied.

Step 3: Fix it with tapes to keep the product in its place for a precise application.

Step 4: Remove part of the backing paper and apply the exposed section.

Step 5: Remove the rest of the backing paper and apply the remaining part of the sticker.

Step 6: Use a squeegee or a plastic card to remove any air bubbles.

Step 7: Work your way from the center to the edges to smooth out the adhesive.

Step 8: Use a razor blade to cut off any leftover edges if needed.


Wet Mounting

With this installation option, you’ll have the opportunity to reposition the perforated window decal if needed as long as the surface is still wet. The method isn’t recommended without assistance. Be careful to avoid accidentally tearing the vinyl while moving it along the slippery glass.

Step 1: Wash and dry the window from dust that can form bubbles under the vinyl.

Step 2: Spray soap water on the window to reposition the perforated decal.

Step 3: Remove the backing paper and spray soap water on the sticky side.

Step 4: Apply it to the window, starting from the top and moving down.

Step 5: Use a squeegee or a plastic card to remove any water and air bubbles. 

Step 6: Work your way from the center to the edges to smooth out the sticker.

Step 7: Use a razor blade to carefully cut the extra edges of the product if needed.

Step 8: Use a soft cloth to dry the water on the surface for final adhesion.

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