Office window decals

Office Window Decals

Office window decals will retain their color vibrancy for many years. They won’t damage the glass surface after being removed.

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Installation of Office Window Decals

This is the quickest way to apply these adhesive products.

Step 1: Before using the product, make sure the window is clean.

Step 2: Put the window adhesive in the proper position.

Step 3: Use a piece of tape at the top center to keep the product in place.

Step 4: Remove one part of the backing paper and attach the product to the application area.

Step 5: Remove the rest of the backing paper and stick the remaining part of the graphics.

Step 6: Remove air bubbles from under the product using a squeegee or plastic card.

Step 7: To smooth out the adhesive, work your way from the center to the edges.


Installation by Wet Mounting

You can rearrange the sticky graphics during the installation process using this method.

Step 1: Remove any dust and debris from the window.

Step 2: Spray dish soap water on the window to assist with repositioning the product if needed.

Step 3: Remove the backing paper and spray the adhesive side with dish soap water.

Step 4: Apply it to the wet window starting at the top and work your way down. 

Step 5: To remove any water or air bubbles from underneath the product, use a squeegee or plastic card.

Step 6: To smooth out the display, work your way from the center to the edges.

Step 7:  For a final application, dry the excess water with a soft cloth.

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