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Magnetic signs

Magnetic Signs

Wind-and-fade-resistant, trendy, flexible car advertising medium. Easy-to-apply, remove when you don't need the advertising and re-apply when you need it again

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Installation of Magnetic Signs

Magnetic displays can be set up on all types of magnetic surfaces such as iron, steel, cobalt, nickel and manganese. Follow these simple steps when mounting your product:

Step 1: Use soap water to clean the surface on which the display is going to be applied.

Step 2: Make sure the area is dust-free, dry and flat for optimal magnetic pull.

Step 3: Position and apply your product to the clean application area.

Step 4: Leave it attached for 24 hours for it to form a strong magnetic bond.

Remove your product simply by pulling it off the metal surface. Clean and dry both surfaces with a damp, non-abrasive cloth to prolong the product’s lifespan for future use. 

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