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Hood decals
Hood decalsHood decals

Hood Decals

Durable, vibrant and highly adhesive hood decals serve well under all weather conditions. They’re applicable for all types of vehicles.

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Installation of Hood Decals

Dry Mounting

Use this method to apply large graphics onto vehicle hoods. Keep in mind that you cannot reposition the product if you use this method.

Step 1: Clean the application surface before applying the product.

Step 2: Place the graphics in the correct position.

Step 3: Remove one part of the backing paper and adhere the exposed section.

Step 4: Remove the rest of the backing paper and stick on the remaining section.

Step 5: Use a squeegee or plastic card to remove any air bubbles.

Step 6: Work your way from top to bottom and center to sides to smooth out the material.

Installation by Wet Mounting

This method allows you to reposition the product during the installation process if needed.

Step 1: Wash and dry the surface to get rid of any dust and debris.

Step 2: Spray dish soap water on the application area to help reposition the product if needed.

Step 3: Remove the backing paper and spray dish soap water on the sticky side.

Step 4: Apply the product to the wet hood, starting from the top and moving down.

Step 5: Remove and reapply the product or slide it around if you need to reposition it.

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