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Gatorboard signsGatorboard signs
Promotional gatorboard printingPromotional gatorboard printing
Restaurant gatorboard signRestaurant gatorboard sign
Gatorboard sign typesGatorboard sign types
Gatorboard sign size optionsGatorboard sign size options
Gatorboard signs
Gatorboard signsGatorboard signs

Gatorboard Signs

Resistant To Bending And Denting - Gator Board Signs Are Suitable For Everything From Stylish Decor To Sophisticated Office Signage.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Specifications of Gator Board Signs


0.188", 0.5", 1"


Drilled holes, zip ties, suction cup & hook, command strips


0.15lbs/sqft, 0.25lbs/sqft, 0.56lbs/sqft, 1.11lbs/sqft according to the thicknesses mentioned above

Drilled holes options:

Drilled hole options: 4 corners, top and bottom center, Top corners only, 4 corners and top and bottom center


White, Black


Digital, high resolution - full color printing with UV inks

Min. sign size:


Printing options:

Single-sided, double-sided

Max. sign size:


Usage outdoors:

Not recommended; short-term, only under good weather conditions

Common sizes:

12"x18", 18"x36", 24"x48", 48"x96", can be customized

Usage indoors:

25+ years

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