Gatorboard Signs

Gatorboard Signs

More resistant to bending, denting and additionally is recyclable - perfect for everything from casual, stylish bedroom decor to sophisticated high-tech office signage and more

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Installation of Gatorboard Signs

After you’ve chosen the approximate application location for your Gatorboard display, be sure to use a level and assure that your gatorboard sign is level and perfectly straight. Mark the location of application with a pencil or a sharpie. Now, find the accessory you think will best suit your sign and use these easy and quick steps to install your Custom sign.

Gatorboard Sign installation with command strips and double-sided tape

Step 1: Prepare the surface by wiping it clean for a better tape or strip adhesion.

Step 2: Peel the protective backing off the tape or strip and position it on the sign.

Step 3: Make sure that the tape or the strip is firmly adhered to the sign, peel off the second backing and stick it to the desired location.

Gatorboard Sign installation with Suction Cup & Hook

Step 1: Mark the application location, assure its level until you get an even look

Step 2: Stick the suction cup onto the marked areas, burp the air out of it for a better weight resistance.

Step 3: Fix the hook and hang the sign from it.

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