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Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Durable, professional-looking & aesthetically pleasing appearance

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Brushed Aluminum Signs

Make an unforgettable impression on your customers with elegant brushed aluminum signs. The sturdy material with a brushed effect is sure to attract everyone’s attention both indoors and outdoors. Square Signs offers bespoke brushed aluminum signs with shipping across the USA and Canada.

What sets brushed aluminum apart from regular aluminum is the matte finish with its lightly textured effect. This gives brushed aluminum a more professional look and feel. 

Brushed aluminum signs can be used to showcase the name and logo of a company. Aside from business, brushed aluminum signs can also serve a personal purpose. The elegant appearance of these signs can elevate interior design to the next level. 

Often, brushed aluminum signs are used to provide important information and safety guidelines. The durable material is perfect for interior as well as exterior usage. You can display brushed face signs for entrances, reception areas, storefronts, hospitals, banks, hotels and many other establishments. Although brushed aluminum is in itself a sturdy material, there is an additional step you can take to preserve the design on it for even longer. For this, we offer lamination, which provides an extra coating to extend the lifespan of the sign.

You can upload your own image to be printed on the brushed aluminum sign or if you don’t have a ready image, you can use our free design tool with diverse templates to create custom brushed aluminum signs.

Brushed aluminum signs can be designed and installed in various ways to suit any location and requirement. After finalizing your graphics and before placing your order, you can choose installation accessories straight from our design tool. 



  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Brushed matte finish
  • Lamination available
  • Durable, weather-resistant material



Brushed Logo Signs

Brushed aluminum logo signs are an ideal solution for interior and exterior branding. Display your company name and logo with high-quality brushed metal signs to leave a professional and lasting impression on your customers. 

Brushed Nameplates

Nameplate signs are a must-have feature in every business center and institution. Brushed aluminum signs are a classic way to display employee names and room numbers on doors, desks and walls. Brushed nameplates can be directly mounted or installed with standoffs for a refined look.

Brushed Notice Signs

The safety of employees and visitors should be the number one priority in every business center and other large establishment. Buildings should be equipped with safety and notice signs as required by state and municipal codes both indoors and outdoors. 

Custom Brushed Aluminum Signs

In addition to the above-mentioned types of signs, you can also order fully-customized brushed aluminum signage. Custom brushed aluminum signs are not only used for business and informative purposes but they can also be used for decoration. Use our free design tool to create personalized graphics and shapes for your decorative brushed metal signs. 



The material is a sturdy brushed aluminum with a matte finish. It’s one of the most durable materials in the sign making industry. The brushed effect gives a more artisan and polished look to the sign. The maximum size of the brushed aluminum sheet is 48” x 96” with a thickness of 0.40”.



We offer a high-resolution UV curing system for printing on brushed aluminum. During the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays. This makes the resulting print sun-resistant and prolongs the lifespan of the sign. At Square Signs, we offer single-sided brushed aluminum prints for maximum visibility.


Have your sign cut with our bleeding-edge cutting equipment. For materials like brushed aluminum, we use CNC mill cutting. Computer-controlled routers are perfect for cutting rigid materials in custom shapes and sizes. The multiple benefits of these cutting machines include high precision and less material waste leading to more savings. 

Cutting Options

Square/ rectangle cut

The standard cutting option where your signs will be cut into either a square or rectangle shape depending on the dimensions of your design.

Rounded cut

With this option, the sharp edges of square or rectangle signs will be rounded to provide a more cultivated look.

Outline cut

If you are looking for a sign in the exact shape of your design then you can choose the outline cutting option.

Overline cut

With this option, your sign will be cut into the shape of your design with an extra border surrounding it.



Although brushed aluminum is a sturdy material, you can make it even more durable with lamination. It’s an extra layer of protection that prolongs the lifespan of the print. Lamination shields the surface of the sign from scratches and abrasion. 

Lamination Options


This type of lamination is great for adding an extra sheen. It protects the surface as well as provides a glossy finish to the print.


This is the opposite of glossy lamination. Matte lamination deflects light and provides a glare-free finish to the surface of the sign. 

Dry Erase

This option not only makes your sign more durable but also turns it into a dry erase board. You can use a temporary marker to write on it and wipe it off as often as you wish.


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What installation options do you offer for brushed metal signs?

Brushed metal signage can be installed on walls, doors, from ceilings or wherever else. You can either hang the metal signs, direct-mount them or use other installation options. For brushed steel signs, we offer the following installation accessories: standoffs, easel backs, hanging clips, zip ties and command strips. To use these accessories, you can order custom brushed aluminum signs with pre-drilled holes which will make the installation process fast and easy.  These accessories allow brushed aluminum plaques to be directly wall-mounted, hanging or free standing with easel backs.


What’s the best way to clean brushed aluminum signs?

There is no specific maintenance required for brushed aluminum signage. To keep the sign looking fresh and presentable, just wipe the dust off it from time to time or use a wet towel if needed.


Brushed aluminum vs stainless steel: Which one is better?

The main difference between these two materials is the weight. Although stainless steel may be more durable than aluminum, the latter is much more lightweight in comparison. This is a functional advantage of brushed aluminum signage. It’s also a great choice because the material is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and preserve a stunning look.


Do you print on brushed aluminum?

Yes, we provide custom printing services for brushed aluminum signs. You can send us your personal images to be printed on brushed aluminum or you can choose and customize graphics using our ready-made templates and free design tool.

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