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Backlit Christmas Slider NewBacklit Christmas Slider New
Kitchen backlit signKitchen backlit sign
Movie backlit decalMovie backlit decal
Restaurant promotional backlit signRestaurant promotional backlit sign
Trade show backlit decalTrade show backlit decal
Promotional backlit decalPromotional backlit decal
Backlit Christmas Slider New
Backlit Christmas Slider NewBacklit Christmas Slider New

Backlit Decals

Make your brand visible 24/7 with eye-catching backlit signs

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Installation of Backlit Decal Signs

Backlit decals are very easy to install and remove without any hardware.

For application, just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Before application, make sure to clean the selected surface of your backlit sign to avoid bubbles under the decal.

Step 2: After the surface is clean and dry, take the decal and peel the backing paper from one corner.

Step 3: Apply the peeled part of the decal to the surface and start flattening it with a squeegee or a plastic card.

Step 4: Remove the backing paper little by little while simultaneously fixing the decal to the surface with the squeegee. Continue until there’s no backing tape left and the entire decal is attached to the surface.

Step 5: To finish up the application, go over the decal one more time with the squeegee to make sure there are no air bubbles left. That’s it!


Any kind of decal, once removed, cannot be used again as the material loses its adhesiveness. To remove the translucent vinyl, all you have to do is peel the decal off and wipe the residue, if there is any, with a wet cloth. 

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