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Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs

Durable, weather-resistant - perfect for offices, shops, reception areas and building exteriors

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:


0.032”, 0.040”, 0.060", 0.080"


Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks


0.5 lbs., 0.6 lbs., 0.9 lbs., 1.2lbs. for 12’’X12’’ sheets according to the thicknesses

Printing options:

One-sided and double sided printing

Min. size:


Cutting options:

Standard, overline, outline, rounded

Max. size:


Drilled hole options:

4 corners, Top and bottom center, Top corners only, 4 Corners and Top and Bottom Center

Common Sizes:

12”x18”, 24”x36", 24"X48", 36"X54", can be customized


Mounting with command strips, standoffs, hanging clips, zip ties


Mill, matte, glossy, brushed, reflective

Usage outdoors:

10+ years


Smooth, sun and deformation resistant

Usage indoors:

15+ years

What are Custom Aluminum Signs?

It is a widely used outdoor and also indoor type of a commercial sign available on the market since the 20th century. Aluminum is a highly popular material in the signage industry. It has inherent features no other material can compete with: rigid but flexible, easily shaped and formed, recyclable and non-toxic. Under standard conditions, it is also corrosion free.

Where to use Aluminum Signs?

Aluminum is a versatile material. These Signs are most commonly used as traffic signage, parking signs, danger and warning signs, caution signs, etc. Aluminum Signs can also have a use in parking lots, schools, hospitals, retail stores, patient care centers, banks etc.

What’s the difference between Standard, Brushed and Reflective Aluminum?

Standard Aluminum comes with white coating, enabling us to custom print any visual graphics onto your sign. All three types of aluminum are double-sided, which means we can print on both sides if needed.

Brushed Aluminum Sign is used for both exterior and interior applications. With its brushed effect, it is an ideal choice for lobby and office signage.

Reflective Aluminum is, in fact, standard aluminum with reflective Vinyl graphics attached to it. Reflective Aluminum is typically used for exterior applications as a Traffic and Street signage.

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