Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Transparent, durable - great solution for both decorative and branding purposes

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Acrylic Sign installation with Standoffs

To enhance the visual appearance of your Acrylic Sign, we offer using standoffs. Acrylic Sign can be attached on the interior or exterior walls, brick wall or concrete. For the installation you will need a screwdriver, wall plug, screw, standoff body and head.

Step 1: Choose a level surface – free of dust and grease.

Step 2: Mark the holes onto the surface, one more time check if it’s level, drill and notch holes.

Step 3: Screw through the wall plug and insert the Standoff body.

Step 4: Insert the Acrylic Sign through the standoff head and fix it in place with the standoff cup.

Acrylic Sign installation with Command Strips

Step 1: Make sure the application surface is clean.

Step 2: Peel off the strip from one side and adhere it to the sign. Make sure you don’t place the adhesive on a clear parts but behind letters or prints of the sign.

Step 3: Ensure strips are nicely adhered to the sign frame and only then peel off the second protective backing and stick it onto the wall.

Step 4: Press the sign slightly onto the wall to make sure the adhesive strips firmly hold the Sign frame.

Acrylic Sign installation with Suction Cup & Hook

In some cases, you’d like to hang your custom Acrylic Sign. Among the accessories we offer suction cup with a hook as a perfect hanging mechanism.

Step 1: Ensure the glass surface is clean and level.

Step 2: Stick the suction cups onto the desired area and one more time check if its level or not.

Step 3: Burp the air out for a better durability and using the hook hang the sign from it.

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