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Acrylic signsAcrylic signs
Acrylic menu sign boardAcrylic menu sign board
Brilliant brain black acrylic name plateBrilliant brain black acrylic name plate
Kibler fowler _ cave acrylic name plateKibler fowler _ cave acrylic name plate
Dr harry johnson acrylic name plateDr harry johnson acrylic name plate
Decorative acrylic signDecorative acrylic sign
Acrylic signs
Acrylic signsAcrylic signs

Acrylic Signs

Lightweight, durable and elegant acrylic signs for both promotional and decorative purposes with outdoor and indoor usages.

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Installation Steps for Acrylic Signs

Acrylic printing can be installed in several ways, such as direct-mounting, hanging, or free-standing. We offer the following installation accessories:

Acrylic sign installation with standoffs

To enhance the visual appearance of your acrylic sign, we are happy to install it with standoffs. Acrylic signs can be applied to both interior or exterior walls. For installation, you will need a screwdriver, a drill, anchors, and the standoffs with all included parts.

Step 1: Choose a level surface and mark the areas for drilling 4 holes.

Step 2: Drill the holes and insert the anchors.

Step 3: Screw the barrels of the standoffs onto the anchors.

Step 4: Now, align the acrylic sign with pre-drilled holes with the barrels on the wall and screw the caps of the standoffs. This will sandwich the sign between the barrels and the caps.

Acrylic sign installation with command strips

For directly mounting a sign to a wall, command strips are the best option.

Step 1: Make sure the application surface is clean.

Step 2: Peel off the strip from one side and adhere it to the sign.

Step 3: Ensure strips are solidly adhered to the sign frame and only then peel off the second protective backing to apply the sign to the wall.

Step 4: Pull the sign from below and remove it entirely to let the strips adhere firmly to the wall.

Step 5: After about an hour, apply the sign back to the wall by reattaching the strips.

Acrylic sign installation with suction cup & Hook

If you want to hang your sign, suction cup and hook is the perfect option.

Step 1: Ensure the glass surface is clean and level.

Step 2: Stick suction cups onto the desired area.

Step 3: Use the hook to hang the sign through pre-drilled holes.

Acrylic sign installation with easel backs

For small-sized custom acrylic signs, you can use easel backs for displaying on the table or counter.

Step 1: Take the easel backs and fold the wings to open the pre-dotted areas.

Step 2: Fold down the circular easel stabilizers and secure easel wings in slots.

Step 3: Remove the tapes from the adhesive parts of the easel backs.

Step 4: Affix the easel backs on both sides of the sign.

Step 5: Press for a few seconds to make sure they are secure.

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