Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Transparent, durable - great solution for both decorative and branding purposes

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Our Acrylic signs are made of cast polymer. Lightweight and transparent - the material looks very similar to glass. However, acrylic is significantly more durable and impact-resistant. In fact, acrylic is often referred to as “business-class alternative to glass.” The reason for that is quite simple.

Apart from its high durability, Acrylic Signs we offer, have 92% light-transmission which, factually, makes it more transparent than glass. Having a light-transmission rate as high as that also translates into an astounding clarity and vibrancy of colors of the graphics and photos printed on Acrylic sheet. All these features made acrylic widely popular across all industries. Acrylic signs are being used both for branding and decorative purposes. As a matter of fact, photos printed on acrylic can be found in some of the finest galleries in the world.

Acrylic Plastic is the ideal material if you want a refined and eye-grabbing look for your signage. Custom Acrylic Signs come in diverse colors and fit into almost any signage project.

Plexiglass comes in clear, black, white and frosted sheets.

Acrylic plastic sheets can be used to create logo signs, office nameplates, tabletop decorative signs, directional signs and what not! Furthermore, Acrylic can be used as home décor. Cast Acrylic is also used to create home numbers, office door numbers, etc.

Plexiglass prints are the perfect decoration for home and office premises. The vivid color density of the printing is fade resistant and serves its purpose for a long time.

The smooth edges give neat, professional look and feel to any establishment. Due to its glass-like appearance, it is the preferred material for retail stores, business institutions and different industry representatives. We recommend to brand hotel entrances, main lobbies, office premises with Acrylic as it’s a shatterproof, long-lasting and non-yellowing material.

Benefits of Acrylic Signs


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Looks like glass
  • Various printing options available
  • UV protected
  • High-durability
  • All types of weather resistant


Acrylic is an ultra durable plastic material which is often used for both indoor and outdoor signs. The material comes in frosted, clear, white and black colors but you can get printings in all your desired colors.


You are open to order Acrylic Signs with custom designs printed on them. Use our free designing tool to create your personalized design or choose one of our beautiful templates. For printing, we use only high-quality UV and digital printers. After the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays. This makes the printing sun resistant and guarantees long lifespan to the sign.

Acrylic Signs Cutting


We offer the latest equipment of the industry for cutting your Acrylic signs with high accuracy. Being controlled by computer, laser cutting and CNC machines provide perfectly cut edges. You can get custom-sized and shaped Acrylic Signs with minimum material waste. CNC machine is able to cut almost 30 rigid materials. Thanks to its working area and accuracy CNC machines eliminate waste of materials.

Acrylic Signs Buying Options

Buying Options

Standard printing -  The graphics are directly printed on the face part of one of the Acrylic sheets (black, white, clear, frosted). You can choose the one that fits you best.

Second surface printing - With this option, the graphics are mirror printed on the back of the Acrylic and flushed with white ink. So, when you look at the sign it seems as if the printing is inside the material - safe and sound.

Double-sided printing - For betters visibility you can get Acrylic Signs with graphics on both sides. With this option your chosen images will be printed on the front and the back of Acrylic.

Standard cut - The square or rectangle shaped signage will have standard sharp edges.

Rounded cut -  The sharp edges of the signs will be rounded. Signs with round cut edges have a cleaner and more elegant look.

Overline cut - With this option the sign is cut in the exact shape of the design with an extra border around it.

Outline cut - This cutting option provides the material in the shape of your design without any extra edges.

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