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Jessica Goldsworthy December 20, 2019 • 8 min read
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Boost Morale with These Festive Tips

We’re at the point now where the spirit of the holidays is all around us. And why not add some cheer to your workplace? That’s why I’ve gathered a bunch of ideas on how to decorate the office for Christmas.

Before we get into the actual office holiday decorating ideas, I’ve got a few stats for you. According to research, 41% of offices have “fully embraced the Christmas spirit”, 21% are “feeling festive, but more can be done”. And then we’ve also got 38% who qualify as “workplace Grinches.” Yikes! 

So which camp does your office belong to? If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth the investment to spruce up your workplace for the holidays to boost morale, you definitely should! Nobody wants unhappy employees and coworkers except for Scrooge, and you’re no Scrooge, right?

How to Decorate the Office for Christmas

Whether you’re an employee or employer, you’ll obviously want to know how to decorate your workspace for Christmas in interesting and fun ways. Here are my 17 Christmas decoration ideas for your office that everyone will love. 

How to Decorate Office Doors for Christmas

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into work? The door, of course! From making it look like a magical wonderland to simply hanging traditional evergreen wreaths, there are many options to give your office that holly-jolly look right from the entrance. 

Idea 1. Take your wreath to the next level by making it a sweet treat! This is a simple office Christmas decoration idea that you can DIY. Make a donut-circle out of styrofoam or other similar material. Then get some of your favorite wrapped candy and glue it on. Of course, you may have to super glue it if your staff has a sweet tooth and you want the wreath to make it all the way through the holidays! You can also use all sorts of different items to create any style of wreath you’d like. Just use your imagination!

wreath covered with candies christmas decoration idea

Idea 2. Outdoor Christmas trees. It’s impossible to imagine Christmas decorations without a Christmas tree. But it doesn’t just have to be inside - put one right outside your office door. Adding artificial snow will really add a sense of magic to the atmosphere. If you really want to get creative, try something different than the traditional evergreen trees. Artistic styles work especially for businesses like music stores, coffee shops, and creative agencies.

outdoor white christmas tree with artificial snow

Idea 3. You may have already thought about putting ol’ Saint Nick on your door. What about turning him upside down? If you can spend a little bit of money and time on it, you can make a really cute Christmas office decoration that everyone will get a kick out of.

office door christmas decorating idea

Idea 4. Christmas welcome signs are ideal for glass doors. They can be made of various types of material to any specification you desire. You can always find a professional to design a custom one, but you can also make it yourself online. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year office door decoration idea

Idea 5. Floor decals may seem minor, but can make a nice addition to the overall design of your office entrance. Play a game and have your teammates follow Santa’s footsteps all the way to the office tree with some gifts under it!

snowy Christmas floor decoration idea

Now that you’ve got your doors and entrance ready, it’s time to head indoors and decorate there.

How to Decorate Office Windows for Christmas

Decorating the windows can get a little tricky since you’ll want them to look great from both sides. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the outside so much if your office is up on the 25th floor. 

Christmas ornaments of all kinds can make great office window decorations. Here are some creative ideas your colleagues will appreciate. 

Idea 6. Cut-out stars and trees will give your windows a beautiful look. This type of DIY decoration is ideal for people looking for cheap ways to decorate the office for Christmas. Don’t forget to add some candles or lights to add more holiday magic. 

white cut out stars christmas decoration idea

Idea 7. Grab a brush and some white paint to add Christmas sparkle to your holiday decorations for the office. Watercolor paint is our best choice as it can be easily washed off windows with water. And paper templates will come in handy if you’re not so sure about your drawing skills!

white christmas window decoration idea

Idea 8. Using window decals is a simple office Christmas decoration idea that can still look wonderful. They are usually made of opaque or clear vinyl, which gives you endless possibilities to design them any way you like. Putting them up is quite simple, and they don’t leave any sticky residue after removal.

 we wish you a merry christmas window decoration idea

Idea 9. Use LED light cords to decorate your office windows in a beautiful way. It will add a nice glow to the long and dark winter evenings to help keep everyone’s spirits up. You can get as creative as you want with your festive designs. And while you’re at it, make sure to add your company name as a brand boost for people passing by.

led christmas window decoration idea

Now that you’ve got ideas for decorating your doors and windows, read on for some cute ways to decorate your desk for Christmas.

How to Decorate Your Office Cubicle for Christmas

Your desk or cubicle is the place you spend most of your time at work at. That’s why it’s always a great idea to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. I’ve got some fun and funny cubicle decorating ideas for you.

Idea 10. A Santa hat is a must for any Christmas decoration. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. What if you took Santa hats and hung them from the ceiling above each desk or cubicle? You can go even further and hang a big picture of each coworker underneath the hat like in the picture below.

hanging employee photos wearing santa hats

Idea 11. Looking for cool ideas on how to decorate an office cubicle for Christmas? Look no further! Obviously, this requires a little more effort, but all the best ideas do. Turning your cubicle into a fairytale gingerbread house is an amazing way to wow your colleagues. Cardboard, self-adhesive colored paper, artificial snow, and a few hours of work will do the trick. And why not? You deserve to have Christmas magic everywhere you go, even at work!

christmas office cubicle decoration idea

Idea 12. Have yourself a very Merry Christmas by warming your workspace with a fireplace! Making a faux fireplace around your computer screen isn’t as difficult as it looks. One or two cardboard boxes, some wrapping paper, and any other decorations of your choice are all you need. This is a great way to decorate a small office for Christmas as it takes only a bit of work and integrates perfectly with your work area.

office computer screen decoration idea with fireplace

Idea 13. It’s always a nice gesture to individually wish everyone on the team good tidings. But I’m going to skip advising getting them regular Christmas cards. What about surprising them with little pop-up Christmas signs first thing in the morning? While most people toss standard cards in the trash, a custom Christmas sign could make for a long-lasting keepsake. 

christmas office cubicle decoration idea

Have you already chosen how to decorate your work desk for Christmas? It’s time to get some awesome Christmas decoration ideas for office walls.

How to Decorate Office Walls for Christmas 

Empty walls are dull walls, especially during the holidays. On the other hand, the more empty space you have, the more creative you can get! There are quite a few ways to decorate your office walls to bring in more fun and joy. Here are a few:

Idea 14. Temporary paintings work great for big and bare walls. You may need a professional here for complex pictures. However, paper templates could do the job for simpler paintings and work as a great team-building exercise as well! The painting will look even better if you add decorations. A creative Christmas tree made out of wood or colorfully wrapped gifts in the corner make good additions. If you find painting on your wall too much hassle, wall decals come in as solid replacements. The are easy to use and give a festive look to your walls.

2020 happy new year office wall decoration idea

Idea 15. If you are looking for classy yet easy Christmas decorations for the office consider this. I bet there are quite a few frames or generic paintings around the office that no one is looking at anymore. Wrap them as gifts and you’ve got an instant Christmas mood-setter!

office wall christmas decorating idea with gifts

Idea 16. Want to make your employees feel special? Create a Christmas tree on the wall with pictures of each member of the team. This is a great way to remind everyone of the best moments the team shared, your company’s achievements for the year, and individual accolades.

christmas tree with employee pictures decoration idea

Idea 17. Customizing your brand name is a great Christmas decoration idea for office walls, especially if you know how to stand out with your sign customization and design. No matter if you put it on an outside or inside wall, a Christmas sign with your logo and brand name is a great way to show that the whole company is in the holiday mood. 

brand logo with santa hat office wall decoration idea

Each of these Christmas decoration ideas for office walls will create a festive atmosphere in your workplace. Wall decorations work ideally if you have a cozy workplace and are looking for small office Christmas decorating ideas without using up too much space. 

The Most Fun Idea of Them All

Now that the whole office is ready to rock Christmas, make sure not to forget about one big thing that’s sure to get people excited - the photo zone. A big Christmas sign as a background accompanied by a tree, gift boxes, and other decorations will be a favorite holiday hangout spot for your staff.

Now that we’re at the end of the list, have you found some ideas you like? I dare you to try a bit of everything! A nice door decoration, a fun desk display, and a festive wall sign would be a great way to get your office fully into the holiday spirit!

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