Meline Clarke
Meline Clarke December 10, 2021 • 5 min read
Meline Clarke is a content writer at Square Signs. Although writing is one of her biggest passions, she also loves spatial design and gift giving. If you want to learn how to make decorations from scratch or get inspiration for your design projects, she's here to help you out with expert tips.

It’s fascinating how a single item can breathe life into a building. Acrylic signs will add a captivating, modern look to your place whether it’s a home, office or anything in between.

For starters, we’ll discuss acrylic photo prints specifically designed to give that special touch to empty walls. Afterwards, you’ll learn how to create a mesmerizing effect with achievement board displays.

Best Acrylic Photo Prints for Decorative Purposes

The notion of beauty is subjective to a certain extent. Yet, there are standards like symmetry and compositional balance which you can excel at. Use these techniques along with specially-chosen decor items to create stunning spaces.  

Hallway Gallery of Cherished Moments

Child’s photos hung in a row on a long hallway wall displaying a Our big miracle note

Childhood is the most beloved phase of development for many parents, making monthly baby photo shoots a sweet tradition. Instead of having these photos compiled into a traditional album, you can go with a novel alternative. If you have a long hallway, hang up photos in a row to show your child’s growth. If you don’t have much space, assemble a collage on an accent wall instead. Sticking to a single style or color will make it look extra stylish. Simple, right? Create the kindest welcome for your baby with memories you can treasure forever.

Best Acrylic Prints for Living Room Art

Living room decor item with a bright yellow butterfly and an inspirational note

Make your living room hip and inviting with one of the best glass photo prints available in the market. If your room has a subtle color scheme, bringing in some contrast is a smart idea. Imagine a bright yellow butterfly over your grey fireplace or on the wall next to an off white sofa. This contemporary approach of sprinkling in a single accent color will enliven the whole room. Interested in decorating other rooms in your house? Explore the article covering our cute canvas ideas.

A Cozy Nook Right in Your Office 

Sign portraying northern lights and the Dream Big words for an office wall decoration

Hours of non-stop work certainly make you want to switch your gaze away from your desk. Instead of staring into space, add an engaging element to your front wall. Have you ever seen the northern lights? Bring them to your office in the form of enchanting artwork. Green is a dominant hue in these scenes thanks to the color’s restful effect. Such vibrant visuals can be beautifully reproduced on gator board signs, PVC printing or foam board printing as well. Here are more home office wall decor ideas in case you’re looking for serious inspiration. 

Did you know that green can impact our thinking and improve reading ability?

Best Glass Photo Prints for Your Photo Studio

Black and white photos for a photo studio design

Mood is key to a successful photoshoot. Set up the right atmosphere in your studio by designing it in a way that represents your work. Show people that you’re a one-of-a-kind photographer. Present your best shots on the wall to reveal the vision you’ve brought to life for every one of your past clients. You can argue that your social media profile already does that but people interact with things that are tangible in a more intimate way. So, let’s get down to business. You have some important decisions to make!

Aesthetic Touch to Your Restaurant Powder Room

Powder room wall decor portraying a beautiful and funny lady character

These days, people go to restaurants not only for a tasty meal but also for good photos. It’s no secret that one of the best areas for lighting is the restroom in a restaurant. Wall decorations should complement your restaurant’s style. Let’s say you serve fast food with a retro vibe. The best acrylic photo prints in this case would be colorful and fun images blast-from-the-past. Arrange them on a wall in front of the mirror and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a prime selfie-spot. For more decoration ideas, check out our decoration templates.

Best Glass Photo Prints for Striking Presentations

Photos that tell stories are worth a spotlight. Read on to learn about informative displays with a highly refined execution.

Company History in the Best Acrylic Prints 

Displays portraying company development history hung on the office wall

Want to build trust? Here’s what you can do. Share the history behind your business using the best acrylic prints to add polish to the photos. Pictures of your company’s establishment and the whole process it entailed will be a great point of interest. Show the trials that you’ve overcome and the effort you put into realizing your brand. Want to add a creative touch to the prints? Try out our sign design tool.  

Memorable Newspaper Covers in Acrylic

Old and new notable newspaper issue covers placed above a desk in the media company

When you think of a news media company, the image of a dusty pile of papers comes to mind. Transcend this boring stereotype by ushering in a classy look to your office. Put up the best glass photo prints of your most-sold issue covers since establishment. Creative and informative at once, these elegant displays will speak volumes about your experience.

Wall Art as a Tribute to Honorary Alumni

 University alumni portraits hanged parallely on a hallway wall for motivational purposes

A good education leads to great opportunities. Imagine a university wall covered in portraits of alumni that are succeeding in their careers. What could be a bigger motivational boost? This upscale presentation will pay tribute to your graduates and serve as affirmation of the knowledge and skills you impart to students. 

Culinary Excellence With the Best Acrylic Photo Prints

Culinary award certificate in red and white colors hung on the restaurant entrance wall

Don’t be afraid to brag about your culinary expertise, evidenced by certificates and awards. If you’ve earned a Michelin Star, James Beard Foundation Award or another prestigious prize, have it mounted on a central wall. It’ll be one of the best glass photo prints to commemorate your achievement in style. Hang it in a visible area and kill two birds with one stone - one being that tasty chicken that got you the award in the first place.

Non-Traditional Display for Art Exhibitions

Gallery exhibition items displaying photos of climate change hanged on walls in a row

People put a lot of effort into the preparation of their gallery exhibitions. What you present in these settings is as important as how you present it. For example, if you want to exhibit a contemporary art installation on climate change or light pollution, non-traditional methods of presentation will give your message a unique edge. Tackle the same issues in new light with the best acrylic photo prints or custom canvas prints. They'll leave an unforgettable impression.

You can enhance the visual appeal of any space by adding an artsy touch to it. Establish a majestic ambiance with the best acrylic prints presented above. Can’t wait to get started? Learn about the best acrylic printing services to get your project underway with just a few clicks.