Yard and Lawn signs

Yard signs, also known as lawn signs, are used in open air areas for various purposes.

Lawn signs are mainly made of Coroplast, which is the most lightweight and affordable material for mid-term temporary signage.

Yard signs come in various forms. They can be A-frames, boards, hanging signs, boards on H-frame Stakes, etc. A-frames are easily portable and are perfect for short time announcements. The other types of signs are installed within the ground and can stay there for as long as you need them. Get your announcements visible with yard signs.

According to their usage, Yard signs fall into the following groups:

Real estate signs ֊ (Open house, For Sale, For Rent, For Lease). The yard sign also can have a form of a house or a key to direct and inform the passers-by.

Business yard signs – Company advertisement, announcements

Special event yard signs – Birthdays, graduation parties, weddings and other ceremonies. It’s a nice attitude to welcome guests and customers with these decorative signs.

Political yard signs – Campaign and Election Signs

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SpecificationsInstallationQ & A

Thickness: 0.16″

Weight: 0.22lbs/sqft

Materials: Coroplast

Common sizes:  24″x18″, 24″x24″

Min. size: 4″x4″

Max size: 96″x48”

Color: White

Lifespan: 3+ years, if kept properly

Construction: H stake, metal frame, spider stake

Installation: Hanging, ground mounted, free standing

Installation accessories: With grommets, zip ties, hanging clips

H stake: Small- 0.15″Tx10″Wx15″H,
big- 0.15″Tx10″Wx30″H

Spider stake: 0.6″Tx8″Wx26″H

Printing: Digital prints with UV fade-resistant inks

Printing options: One-sided or double-sided printing is available

Cutting options: Standard, overline or outline, rounded

In case of H or spider stake, check for the ground, do not use a hammer or other instrument for installation as the poles can be easily inserted through soft or soil ground.

Installation of an H stake Yard Sign

H stake Yard Signs work wonders during high winds. The sign is made of Corrugated plastic, which makes the installation process much easier.
Step 1: Do a small tick on the central bottom line to position the sign properly
Step 2: Push the 2 wires into the corrugated flutes
Step 3: Display your H stake Yard Sign at ground level

Installation of a Spider stake Yard Sign

Step 1: Choose a level ground for the stake installation
Step 2: Slide the Sign on the stake with the graphics over the top
Step 3: Push the ready construction into the ground

Installation of a Yard Sign using zip ties

Step 1: Make sure your target area is level
Step 2: Pass the zip ties through the holes on the sign
Step 3: Attach the sign to the location where you want to have it installed
Step 4: Tighten the zip ties and cut the extra ends

Installation of a Yard Sign using hanging clips

Step 1: Fix the hanging clips on the hanging hardware
Step 2: Hang the sign from the clips just like curtains

What are yard signs?

Yard signs are installed outdoors, especially in yards, for advertising, directional, decorative and similar purposes. These signs are perfect for depicting your company information, show your contribution to this or that political party or sport team, decorate yards for special events, Real estate promotions and announcements and what not. Every kind of outdoor announcement can be printed on custom yard sign, which bring foot traffic to your business and deliver your message to the target audience.

What materials are yard signs made of?

As yard signs are used outdoors, they are made of durable material – corrugated plastic. This material is a rigid material that can go against harsh weather conditions and weather changes. Its also rain and sun resistant.

What are common usages of Yard signs?

“Yard signs” is the collective name of a number of types of outdoors signs. H-frames, A-frames, Signs boards and hanging signs are some of them. This means that a wide variety of usages is meant for yard signs. Here they some:

  • Advertising
  • Promotional
  • Political signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Decorations -Signs for Birthday, wedding, Graduation and other celebrations

Can I create my own Yard Sign design?

Of course you can. Nօt only can you create your own design with our free design tool and templates but also you can upload your personal images, add your custom text and information. In one word you can personalize your sign and create a truly unique sign.

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Top Templates For Yard Signs

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