About Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are getting more and more popular these days. There are many occasions for using Fabric Banners. These type of banners are a good choice for your business advertisement, home and event announcement.
Fabric banners are more used indoors, however, the quality enables the banners to be used outdoors as well. The material of the banner is weather resistant, washable and wrinkle resistant. The colors on the fabric are very bright and have high quality.
In general, Fabric Banners are light weighted, have high quality, beautiful look and can be ordered both horizontally and vertically..

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SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Weight: 0.06 lbs per square foot

Thickness: 0.02”

Details: 9 oz. polyester, reinforced scrim, scratch resistant, washable, water resistant, multi-use

Suggested Uses:  Intended for short-term indoor use only. Great for sales, promotions, displays at conventions, trade shows, or other uses such as parties or welcome home events

Printing Method: UV ink printing

Approximate Lifespan: 1+ year without color fading. After this period of time, color will begin to fade, particularly with exposure to sunlight

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 4’x2’, 6’x3’, 8’ x 4’, or any custom size (Note: sizes are approximate)

Options: Pole Pockets, Grommets, Hem

Cords, strings, bungees, or zip ties are perfect for hanging fabric banners. You can attach the banner to poles or fences. Due to the light weight of the banner, you can use rustic looking rope or ribbon to add an aesthetic to your fabric banner as well. Screws and washers can also be used to attach your banner to a harder surface like concrete. Extended outdoor use of fabric banners is not recommended, as they will weather and fade.
These banners should be regularly cleaned. You can machine wash your fabric banner on gentle. After washing, air dry. To remove wrinkles, a hand steamer may be used. The use of bleach, machine drying or irons may damage your fabric banner and therefore should be avoided.




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