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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Wrapped Canvas Prints


Wrapped canvas prints grant a creative look to any space. They’re an elegant way to decorate your home or office.
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Wrapped Canvas Prints

Wrapped canvas prints have become a fashionable option for exhibiting beautiful images, artwork or portraits. The process of creating wrapped canvas prints involves printing the selected image on premium material and then stretching it over a wooden frame to achieve a sleek, modern appearance.

Wrapped canvas prints provide an effective platform on which you can display your favorite images. The material used for wrapped canvas printing can withstand exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

Buy More, Save More on Wrapped Canvas Prints

Square Signs offers our customers a great opportunity to purchase wrapped canvas prints in bulk at reduced prices. We can ship your wrapped canvas print anywhere within the US and Canada.

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2 pcs

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$64.37 $69.21

$128.74 $138.42

10 pcs

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$57.44 $69.21

$574.40 $692.10

30 pcs

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$52.60 $69.21

$1,578 $2,076.30

100 pcs

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$49.14 $69.21

$4,914 $6,921

500 pcs

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$22,145 $34,605

1000 pcs

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$40,830 $69,210

Create custom designs for wrapped canvas prints and other similar products such as custom canvas prints and rolled canvas prints.

Types of Stretched Canvas Prints

The frame design of a stretched canvas print is a crucial factor that goes a long way to enhance its impact. Use our sign design tool to create a top-notch wrapped canvas print. Alternatively, we have a wide selection of sign templates which allows you to produce a brand-new appearance for your wrapped canvas print in minutes! Stretched canvas prints wrap around the frame to keep your illustrations tight and showcase them in the best light possible.

Mirrored Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Nature-themed wrapped canvas prints with mirrored edges placed side by side

We provide sign printing services, including the production of custom signs and stretched canvas prints with mirrored edges. This type of wrapped canvas prints have a refined appearance. The sides of the wooden frame feature a mirrored version of the illustration that extends from the original image and wraps around the frame. Mirror wrapped canvas prints are ideal for showing off a stunning piece. The mirrored edges add extra depth and dimension to the gallery wrapped canvas prints, boosting their sophistication. The sleek finish of the stretched canvas printing gives the image a one-off appearance.


Black Wrapped Canvas Prints

Black-edged wrapped canvas prints with a nature illustration in dark blue hues

Add a black border along the edges of a wrapped canvas print to achieve a touch of elegance. The image is centered on the face of stretched canvas print and bordered by black edges. Black stretched canvas printing is suitable for all styles of illustrations. The black border acts as a natural frame for a wrapped canvas print. Black gallery wrapped canvas prints have the ability to complement a broad range of decorative items, just like wood prints. They can enhance the look of both modern and traditional wrapped canvas prints.

White Wrapped Canvas Prints

Family-themed white stretched canvas print featuring the text Best Family

What is a stretched canvas print with white borders? These types of custom stretched canvas prints come with white edges. The stretched canvas prints create a sense of spaciousness just like PVC printing. White wrapped canvas prints are suitable for images that convey a sense of elegance and brightness. Take both the dimensions of the white wrapped canvas print and the area of exhibition into account. The white border can make the wrapped canvas prints appear smaller or blend into their backdrop. Choose the size of your wrapped canvas print in a way that fits the space the way you desire.

Print on Stretched Canvas With the Following Features

Different style stretched canvas prints with black and mirrored edges placed on each other

Custom stretched canvas prints have features you should consider when making your purchase. We’ll introduce the common specifications and printing on stretched canvas in the section below.

Stretched Canvas Printing

We use advanced techniques to print on stretched canvas and produce full-color images. Our color-matching technology ensures that your stretched canvas printing accurately reflects the color scheme you want. To ensure longevity, we print on stretched canvas by utilizing a specialized UV-curing system. This process dries the ink with ultraviolet rays, making the printing on stretched canvas resistant to fading caused by sunlight. Everything we print on stretched canvas is done on a standard surface. Your stretched canvas print will maintain its vibrant, vivid colors for many years to outlive even the illustrations on our wall decals.

Wrapped Canvas Print Material

Custom stretched canvas prints are produced using a poly-cotton blend sheet. By default, the color of the material is white but you can print on stretched canvas with any color. The material thickness for custom gallery wrapped canvas printing is 21 mil.

Wrapped Canvas Print Sizes

Gallery wrapped canvas prints have sizes spanning from as small as 8"x8" to as large as 96"x48". Our production team can customize sizes to satisfy your vision. Incorporates any design in any size for your wrapped canvas prints.

Comparison Chart of Wrapped Canvas Prints and Similar Products


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Wrapped Canvas Prints

Acrylic Photo Prints 

Foam Board Printing

Gator Board Printing

Metal Photo Prints

Paper poster printing

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7 mil

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Second surface





Wrapped Canvas Prints FAQ

What is a wrapped canvas print?

A wrapped canvas print involves printing an image onto a canvas sheet. The thin wrap is then stretched and secured around a wooden frame, creating an effect similar to a museum wrap. Typically, the wrapped canvas prints are pulled taut over a frame and fastened from the back.

What are the advantages of stretched canvas print?

Stretched canvas prints have a unique quality that gives them a more traditional appeal as opposed to wall art decals. If you get stretched canvas prints online from us, they’ll be printed with high-quality inks to resist different forms of damage over time. They can complement a wide range of interior designs and add a touch of elegance to any room. Order stretched canvas prints online based on your specific needs with delivery to the US and Canada.

How to hang my wrapped canvas print?

Install gallery wrapped canvas prints in a professional manner with a hanging kit. Order your stretched canvas prints and we’ll deliver them to you ready to hang with the kit already attached to the frame. For more detailed instructions, follow our step-by-step installation guide.

What’s the lifespan of a stretched canvas print?

With proper placement and maintenance, you can use your wrapped canvas print for more than 60 years indoors. To ensure a long lifespan, keep your product away from direct sunlight and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity. Clean your product regularly with microfiber cloth and avoid touching the surface with your hands.

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