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Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs

Add a touch of warmth to your branding with these made to last Wooden signs. Perfect for a shabby chic or vintage styling, outdoor and indoor business branding.

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Perfect for creating brand identity, Wooden Signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only you can use Wooden Signs for commercial purposes, but you can also get cozy and rustic decorations for your home or office. We use Plywood, which is a durable material, due to the multiple bonded thin layers of wood plies.

Wooden Signs can vary in shapes and sizes. You can get beautiful Wooden Signs to showcase the name of your brand, show direction and for many other uses. Often you can find Wooden Name Plates on office doors. Also, Wooden Hanging Signs are usually used in pubs and cafes for creating unique decorations. Wooden Plaques can be perfect for displaying the logo of your brand with colorful printings.

You can send us your own design or use one of our free templates made by our designers. Create your design with our simple-to-use designing tool and get it printed on Wooden SIgns.

There are several ways of Wooden Sign installation. One of the options is directly mounting the Wooden Plaque onto the wall. Another one is hanging it with chains or zip ties. An alternative type of Wooden Sign installation is by using standoffs. You’re only a few clicks away from getting your Custom Wooden Sign!

Benefits of Wooden signs


  • Unique appearance
  • Durable, to resist any impact
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Double-sided printing option


Wood is a natural looking material, widely used in the sign making industry. It lasts for a long period indoors, but it has outdoor use as well. We offer Plywood Signs, which looks exactly like wood but it is way stronger and durable. This material consists of multiple cross-bonded plies which give the material its strength.


You can order Wooden Signs with printings on both sides, which provides more visibility. For printing on Wooden Signs, we use very accurate UV and digital printers. After the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays which makes the printing sun and fade resistant. Thus, the long lifespan of the printing is guaranteed.

Wooden Signs Cutting


We offer highly accurate and precise cutting services for your wooden signs. Our bleeding-edge cutting equipment helps us to provide custom size and shape, retaining the exclusive and delicate look of your sign. For cutting wood we offer CNC mill and laser cutting equipment. CNC mill is perfect for a wide array of rigid materials. It provides detailed and accurate cutting thanks to its working area. If you want to have a burnt effect on your wood sign, you may opt for laser cutting. Laser machines operate applying laser beam on the material which cuts the wood by burning it.

Wooden signs buying options

Buying Options

Double-sided Plywood Signs - For more visibility, you can order Plywood Signs with printings on both sides of the sign. By using our free designing tool, you can create unique and attractive designs for your double-sided Wooden Sign.

Square or Rectangle cut - This cutting option provides standard square or rectangle-shaped Wooden Signs with sharp pointed edges.

Rounded cut - This option provides rounded edges to the standard square and rectangle-shaped signs.

Outline cut - Your custom Wooden Sign will be cut according to the outline of your design.

Overline cut - The signs will be cut in the shape of your design with an extra border around it.

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