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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering

Have your business logo, letters or numbers cut to your desired custom shape - available in grand variety of colors. Give splash of color to your walls and window with these die-cut letters and numbers.

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Custom Size

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Installation of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl graphics and letters consist of three parts: top layer – application tape, which holds the letters in their pre-spaced places, bottom layer – paper release liner, which is a waxy paper and is the ‘’carrier’’ of the vinyl, and the actual Vinyl Letters or numbers are between these two.

Tools to help your custom Vinyl letters and numbers installation – a squeegee or a credit card.

Installation of Vinyl Lettering

Step 1: Clean the target area with a soapy water and let it completely dry (for glossy surfaces). Wipe the dust off the rigid surfaces like walls, wood,etc.

Step 2: If the graphics are of a bigger size, use a masking tape to hold the Vinyl Letterings in place, attach it to hold the corners and in the middle to create a hinge

Step 3: Make sure the application area is level and even to ensure the image is straight before the final application.

Step 4: Create a hinge in the middle of the graphics or apply a tape at the top line of the vinyl and one atop the tape.

Step 5: Now, peel off the first half of the graphics and smoothen it with a squeegee. If you are using a top hinge, you might also want to cut the graphics, for easier application

Step 6: Remove the hinge, take out the backing tape and evenly press the vinyl to the surface.

Step 7: Once again, squeegee the entire graphics and remove the application tape at a sharp angle.

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