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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering in various fonts, colors and styles will deliver your message wherever you take your wheels.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Vehicle Lettering

Benefits of Vehicle Lettering

  • Premium Material
  • UV-Cured Printing
  • Intricate Designs
  • Cut-Out Options
  • Easy Application
  • No Residue Removal

Promote your business on-the-go with customized vinyl lettering for vehicles. Made of highly durable and weather-resistant material, this product is ideal for outdoor marketing campaigns. We offer a variety of fonts, colors and sizes. Get one-of-a-kind vehicle lettering that can be applied to any part of your vehicle.

Order lettering for vehicles with exceptional designs from Square Signs. We’ll deliver the product to your doorstep anywhere within the US and Canada. Take a look at our calculator to find the discounted rates which apply when you order vinyl vehicle lettering in bulk.

Our car lettering is suitable for all kinds of vehicles such as trucks, trailers and vans. Vinyl lettering allows you to showcase messages with various fonts and cut-out elements. Truck decals, on the other hand, are a great tool for presenting large adhesives and wraps with illustrations. 

Usage of Lettering for Vehicles

Large vehicle lettering for business promotions applied on truck, trailer and van

Vinyl vehicle lettering can be applied to almost all kinds of vehicles. Thanks to the material’s durability and wide range of sizes, you can get customized lettering for vehicles such as trucks, trailers, vans and sedans. 

We provide professional sign printing services for all types of projects. Our custom signs are made of premium quality material to last a long time.

Truck Lettering

Trucks are ideal vehicles for spreading promotional messages on-the-go. You can apply commercial truck lettering on the blank doors, tailgate, hood and other parts of your vehicle to optimize your advertisement. Our vinyl lettering for trucks can also serve informative purposes. Custom truck lettering is commonly found on service vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances and so on.

Get crafty with your commercial truck lettering design by choosing from the wide variety of fonts and colors we offer. When you’re finished with your desired lettering for trucks, we’ll ship it straight to your door in no time.

Trailer Lettering

Vinyl lettering for trailers works great whether you’re driving along the highway or stuck in traffic. You can benefit from the large, blank sides of your vehicle and use them for branding and advertising purposes. Create your trailer lettering from start to finish with the help of our easy-to-use sign design tool. Choose from innumerable font styles and colors. They’re available on our design platform so you can personalize your trailer lettering with a few clicks.

Check out our trailer decals if you’re looking for large illustrations for your cargo trailer. These graphic adhesives are a fantastic alternative to trailer lettering if you aim to capture more attention from afar.

Van Lettering

Large vans are often used to provide local services or transport goods over a long distance. Their size and capacity offers a blank canvas, so why not use them for branding and promotions while you’re at it. Take advantage of the surface area and promote your expertise with commercial van lettering. It’ll turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement board that can reach a vast audience.

Browse through our sign templates for van lettering if you’re looking for design inspiration. Our templates are modifiable so feel free to change the font, color and other features you like. Get the van lettering design you want in a matter of minutes.

Specifications of Vehicle Lettering

We produce high-end vehicle lettering that can serve in rain or shine. Be sure to explore the features and specifications of our custom truck lettering before placing your order.

Vinyl Vehicle Lettering Material

We manufacture lettering for vehicles crafted from polyvinyl chloride. The material’s versatility makes it easy to cut vinyl truck lettering into various styles without compromising on durability. It comes in an opaque roll which lets the applied colors preserve their exact shade and brightness.

Vinyl truck lettering can last more than two years under moderate weather conditions thanks to highly adhesive and waterproof properties. The product is easy to remove and should come off in seconds without leaving glue or stains on the application surface. Another advantage of this medium is that you can store it for over a year before application without it losing quality.

Popular Sizes for Vehicle Lettering

Customizable vehicle lettering with a blue logo displayed in four sizes

Find the most popular dimensions for custom truck lettering in the chart below. We provide truck lettering ranging from 1”x1” to 58”x1,680” in size. The price of your vinyl lettering for cars is based on size.

Vehicle Lettering Visibility

The size of your car should be measured accurately before you make and order the car lettering. The chart below shows readable distance as determined by font size to help you choose the right lettering for your vinyl lettering for vehicles. For every 10 feet of viewing distance, you’ll need to add 1” to your vehicle lettering height.

Vehicle Lettering Height

Readable Distance for Maximum Impact

Maximum Readable Distance

















































Note: Please remember that the numbers in the chart might differ depending on the color of your lettering for vehicles. For good visibility, select a color for your custom car lettering that will contrast with the background of your vehicle.

Custom Vehicle Lettering by Design

Different vehicle lettering fonts on design platform with modifiable sizes

Our lettering for vehicles is fully modifiable. We provide a premium selection of fonts, colors, elements, features and accessories for this product on our design platform. The tool allows you to create personalized vinyl truck lettering from scratch or by using templates made by our professional team.

Vinyl lettering for vehicles is distinct from other stickers thanks to our advanced cutting machines. It has a cut-out design that will highlight any combination of letters or numbers you can imagine. Car vinyl lettering doesn’t have a background. All the symbols are cut separately and masked with a tape that keeps them together.

Printing of Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

We utilize CMYK-based digital machines for the printing of our truck lettering. Thanks to this high-resolution technology, colors are simultaneously applied and dried on the product’s surface. The machine uses a UV-curing technique to quickly dry the inks, giving the product a matte finish and prolonging its lifespan. Vinyl lettering for trucks preserves its brightness and vibrancy for a long time even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Application of Lettering for Vehicles

Installation process of van lettering for Barkbus handled by a professional

Our vehicle lettering is easy to apply. However, you should follow the application instructions below to prevent misalignment or damage to the product.

  1. Find a nonporous area on your car for easy and smooth application.
  2. Clean and dry the surface from dust and debris.
  3. Measure and mark the position of application accurately using a level tool.
  4. Remove the backing paper of your adhesive from one edge.
  5. Carefully attach it to the application surface and apply the rest sideways.
  6. Smooth it out with a squeegee or plastic card to get rid of air bubbles.
  7. Carefully remove the transfer tape from the surface of your car lettering.

Note: You won’t be able to reposition your product once attached.

Use the technique below to remove your truck lettering.

  1. Use a blow dryer to heat up your truck lettering (if it’s been applied for a long time). This will help the material come off easily without damaging your car.
  2. Start at one corner of the product and peel it off in the opposite direction.
  3. Clean the car surface with a damp towel to remove any dust and debris stuck around the edges of the product.

Note: Avoid using a razor blade for removal. It may scratch or damage the paint on your vehicle.

Comparison Chart of Vehicle Lettering and Similar Products

Take a look at the chart below to compare vehicle lettering with similar products. Bear in mind that the pricing corresponds to products with default options and without additional features.


Vehicle Lettering

Car Decals

Perforated Car Window Decals

Reflective Car Decals

Custom Car Magnets

Size Range:

1”x1” - 58”x1,680”

6”x6” - 58”x1,680”

6”x6” - 52”x1,680”

4”x4” - 48”x1,200

4”x4” - 96”x48”

Price Range:

$49.86 - $9.804.54

$22.99 - $2,225.39

$12.41 - $3,061.97

$10.40 - $3,000

$14.17- $371.26


4 mil

4 mil

6.3 mil

4 mil

30 mil

Application Options:


Standard, inside-glass





2+ years

1+ years

3+ years

1+ years

3+ years

Vehicle Lettering FAQ

What truck lettering fonts can I use?

You can find a number of fonts and subtypes for lettering on trucks on our design platform including Serif, Handwriting and Monospace. Contact our team if you don’t find the one that you need for your product. Our professionals will find the commercial truck lettering font you need and apply it for you free of charge.

Do you manufacture vinyl vehicle lettering with a background?

Our lettering for vehicles doesn't have a background. The symbols are individually cut and masked with a transfer tape. The tape keeps the symbols together and allows for easy application. Explore our car decals product if you’re interested in a design that features a background.

Can you provide vinyl lettering for bumpers?

Yes, you can apply vehicle lettering to bumpers or any other part of your vehicle. We provide a wide range of sizes and designs. You can get the medium cut in a font style or size that will fit your preferred vehicle bumper.

How to install vinyl lettering on a vehicle?

Carefully remove the backing paper of your vinyl lettering for cars and apply it to a dust-free surface. Smooth it out with a squeegee to get rid of any air bubbles stuck under the vehicle lettering. When done, take off the transfer tape starting on one corner and slowly moving sideward. For step-by-step instructions, check out our installation guide.

Will my car lettering come off in bad weather?

Our lettering for vehicles is water-resistant, highly sticky and designed to withstand high speeds. It can also resist occasional fuel spills. Car lettering should be applied to a smooth and nonporous surface to prevent it from peeling off. Avoid extremely high temperatures when possible to prevent the material from warping. 

How to remove vinyl lettering from a vehicle?

Start at one corner and carefully pull out the material in the opposite direction. Use a blow dryer to warm up your vehicle lettering before removal. Applying heat will make it come off easier, especially if it’s been on your vehicle for a long time.

Where do I store my vinyl lettering for cars?

Keep your car lettering in its original container. Store it in a clean and dry area at a temperature of +39oF to +104oF, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Don’t store items on the product to prevent damaging it. Please remember that the shelf life of your custom car lettering is 1-3 years from the date of manufacture.

How to take care of custom car lettering?

Use non-acidic cleaners that are designed for high-quality painted vinyl lettering for vehicles. A simpler solution is to clean it with a soft, non-abrasive towel and lukewarm water. Be careful not to peel your car lettering at the edges while wiping the surface.

Do you offer designs other than letters and numerals for car lettering?

Yes, we can produce other designs besides letters, numbers and symbols. Our non-letter vehicle lettering designs can include logos, stripes and other ornamental illustrations that need to be cut out.

How much does your truck lettering cost?

The cost of our vinyl truck lettering depends on size and the quantity of your order. Our products are budget-friendly despite being made of the best vinyl for truck lettering in the market. If you’re looking to print more intricate designs, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Where can I get vehicle lettering?

We ship custom vehicle lettering to any location within the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if your lettering for vehicles qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.