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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Teardrop Flags


Use these stylish and long-lasting teardrop flags to attract the attention of people passing and driving by.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Teardrop Flags

Custom teardrop flags are popular marketing tools with elegant covers stretched over metal support stands. The portable medium is mainly used for interior and exterior advertisements. 

Square Signs offers this product in four standard sizes, they can be propped using various structural posts suitable for different application areas.

Teardrop flag banners stand out for their unique water drop shaped design. This elegant design keeps the visuals for teardrop signs tightly pulled in a fixed angle unlike feather flags and rectangle flags which flutter in the wind. Order custom printed teardrop flags on our website and get them delivered to any location within the USA and Canada.

Teardrop Banners for Different Uses

Open 24 hours teardrop flags in red displayed at the storefront

Unlike vinyl banners and other large media, teardrop banners are lightweight and ground mounted. They’re easy to reposition whenever and wherever needed. Keep on reading to find out where and how you can use teardrop signs.

Teardrop Flag Banners for Retail

Design a custom teardrop flag with messages that will advertise your retail sales, promote announcements and showcase new offers. Just like retractable banners, our advertising teardrop signs can capture attention from afar due to their colorful visuals and towering hardware. Explore our sign templates to get outstanding teardrop flag design ideas.

Teardrop Flags for Business Events

Custom printed teardrop flags speak volumes at business meetings, conferences, trade shows and other corporate occasions. Go bold with your teardrop flag design by creating visuals on our free sign design tool. The platform will let you choose backgrounds, illustrations and other elements to create your own imagery from scratch.

Teardrop Flags for Sporting Events

Teardrop flag banners are the top tool for sharing promotions, be it for outdoor winter sports to stadium games. You can design custom teardrop flags with various construction heights and mechanisms to match the occasion. 

Are you looking for captivating design solutions? Take a look at our teardrop banner template collection. Choose one from the list and start restyling it to personalize your teardrop flag template.

Main Features of Custom Teardrop Flags

We offer premium products with delivery all across the USA and Canada. Below, you’ll learn about the characteristics of our custom teardrop flags along with all their technical details.

Teardrop Signs Material 

Our teardrop banners are composed of a high-quality polyester face and bendable aluminum hardware. The face of custom teardrop flags exhibits vibrant imagery on soft yet durable material. The post for the product is assembled of three aluminum poles and one adjustable fiberglass rod which gives the teardrop flag its distinct form. 

Your custom teardrop flag will be shipped, dismantled and packed into a box or portable travel case. It includes a bottom construction and accessories. The product will serve a minimum of two years with proper maintenance.

Teardrop Flag Printing Options

Blue teardrop banners printed in single-sided, double-sided and reverse-sided options

We utilize dye sublimation printing technology to get full-color teardrop signs. With this method, inks are penetrated into the woven polyester cover to yield vivid visuals. We provide single-sided and double-sided teardrop flag printing options.

Single-Sided Teardrop Flags

The technique will make colors somewhat visible from the opposite side although the full visuals will appear only on one side of your teardrop banner. 

Reverse-Sided Teardrop Flags

This method is the same as single-sided but with a mirror printed image so you can place two flags on opposite sides featuring the same design.

Double-Sided Teardrop Flags

This option creates custom teardrop flags with imagery on both faces so your message will be noticeable from two sides to attract more attention.

Teardrop Flag Banners in Standard Sizes

We offer teardrop flag banners in four standard sizes. You can get small to extra large custom teardrop flags with hardware matching their height. The size options are shown in the chart below.


Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags With Pole Sets






7 ft.




9 ft.




11.2 ft.




13.5 ft.

Teardrop Banners Setup Options

Sport event teardrop flags in different sizes and with different construction bases

You’ll receive your teardrop flag banner broken down into parts and packed into a box or portable bag for an additional cost. To assemble the custom teardrop flag, connect the four rods, insert them into the support structure and slip the face material over the pole set. Bend the top pole to get the final look of your teardrop flag banner.

We offer a few types of support structures for teardrop signs of different sizes. Below you can find their technical specifications.

Ground Stake

This heavy metal piece is sturdy enough for large and extra large teardrop banners displayed outdoors. The base stake allows you to hammer teardrop flags deep into the ground so you can use them in all weather conditions. It’s applicable for custom teardrop flags in all four sizes.

Square Base

To put up teardrop banners on flat indoor and outdoor flooring, you can use this square-sized base mechanism. The heavy tool works well with medium to large-sized teardrop flag banners and gives them a neat appearance.

Cross Base

Four-legged cross bases are applicable for small to medium teardrop signs. This structure allows you to quickly reposition your construction if needed. The post is recommended for teardrop banners placed indoors so they won't tip over in windy conditions.

Cross Base + Water Bag

Cross bottom structures with liquid weight bags can hold up custom teardrop flags in any setting. The specially made plastic bag is filled with water and placed over the cross structure. It increases the load of the hardware in order to provide extra support for the teardrop banners.

Find instructions on how to set up  teardrop banners by visiting our installation page.

Comparison Chart of Teardrop Flags and Similar Products

Take a look at this comparison chart for teardrop flags and similar products. Please take into consideration that the prices below correspond to products in default dimensions with standard options.


Teardrop Flags

Econo Feather Flags

Fabric Banners

Tension Fabric Stands

X-Stand Banners







12”x12” - 115”x1,680”

38”x91”, 50.5”x91”

24”x63”, 32”x72”







$24.99 - $4,981.99 

$254.08, $309.29




Single-sided, reverse-sided, double-sided



Single-sided, double-sided


Lifespan (Indoors / Outdoors):

2+ years

2+ years

10+ / 2+ years

4+ years / N/A

10+ / 3+ years

Teardrop Flag FAQ

How to set up a teardrop banner?

Your teardrop banner will get shipped dismantled and packed into a travel bag. Set up the pole set by connecting the pieces. Then slip the polyester face over the construction and reinforce it to the base piece. Follow the instructions on our installation page to assemble your custom teardrop flag in minutes.

Are teardrop banners fire resistant?

No, teardrop flags can’t be placed near open fire. Exposure to flames will permanently damage the face of your teardrop banner.

Are teardrop banners wind resistant?

Thanks to a flexible fiberglass pole on top, teardrop banner faces are tightly stretched to prevent them from fluttering or falling over. However, teardrop signs can bend or collapse under strong winds. Use them under moderate conditions when outdoors.

How can I keep my teardrop flag banner in good condition?

Use a soft, damp towel to regularly clean the aluminum hardware of your custom teardrop flags. You may wash the polyester cover in cold water with mild soap and hang it to air dry.