Styrene Signs

Extremely flexible - most often used for Trade Show POP displays and print industry. These signs are eye catching and vibrant, but best of all, they are affordable.

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Styrene is a lightweight, flexible and comparatively inexpensive plastic material for making various signage projects. Styrene Signage is perfectly used for both business and personal applications. It can serve as a decorative artwork or an inseparable part of an office layout. Most commonly Styrene Signage is used for trade show displays, indoor and outdoor directional signage, wall blade signage, office, warning and notice signage, etc.

Styrene Sign prints come with matte finish and a special UV protection coating to preserve its professional and aesthetic look. The versatility of the material allows to cut it into any shape and depict any printing on it. The Styrene Sign is UV printed from one or both sides to meet the trickiest needs and likes.

Styrene 0.020″: Easy to bend, flexible, thin, do not crease or curl, comes in rolls. Used for stencils, posters, menu boards, promotional campaigns.

Styrene 0.030”: Comparatively thicker than 0.020”. Used for POP displays and promotional campaigns.

Styrene 0.060”: Thicker, used for making architectural models, prototypes and sign.

Styrene 0.090″: High impact resistant polystyrene material, has mid-term usage outdoors and long-term usage indoors.

Styrene is also available in 0.125” and 0.25” thicknesses. The thicknesses suit different purposes and business and home needs and taste.

Benefits of Styrene signs


  • Highly durable
  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Full-color printing


Styrene is an expanded plastic, ideal for printing with a matt finish. The flexibility of the material provides it with high-durability. The natural color of the material is white which later can be printed in your desired colors. The material is designed for both interior and exterior applications.


We offer printing services for one or both sides of Styrene Signs. For printing, we use only high-quality UV inks and printers with a UV curing system.This means that the printers use ultraviolet rays for drying the inks. The UV curing process turns the printing sun resistant. Thus, the long lifespan of your printing with vivid colors is guaranteed. If you want to double up the effect of your sign you can order a double-sided Styrene Sign for your business or professional needs.  

Styrene Signs buying options

Buying Options

Standard cut - The Styrene Signs can be cut into square or rectangular shapes with standard sharp edges.

Rounded cut - With this option, the standard sharp edges of square or rectangular shaped signs will be rounded.

Outline cut - Your Signage will be cut in the exact shape of your design without any additional borders around it.

Overline cut - With this cutting option, your Styrene Signs will be cut in your custom shape with an extra border around it.

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