Static Clings

Static Clings

Reusable - no-residue window Sticker Clings - Ideal for vehicle and shop window temporary Advertising.

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Specifications of Static Clings

Thickness: 7mil Installation: Dry mounting with a Squeegee
Weight: 0.07 lbs/sqft Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks
Min. Sign size: 6’’x6’’ Clear Static Cling Printing options: Inside glass, mirror
Max. Sign size: 52"X850" Cutting options: Standard
Common Sizes: 12”x6”, 12”x12”, 12”x18”, can be customized Usage indoors: 5+ years, if kept properly
Color: White Usage outdoors: 1+ years depending on weather conditions
Shape/style: Customized

What is a Clear Static Cling?

Clear Static Cling is a non-adhesive type of a vinyl with stunning design solutions - ideal for window signage. This type of a temporary or permanent advertising is used to increase storefront foot traffic, build a strong brand awareness and invite people to venues. Equally used as a business, organization, storefront promotional and marketing tool and as a fleet advertising and decoration.

What is an opaque Static Cling?

It’s an electrically charged – heavily plasticized opaque material able to adhere to windows and metal surfaces without any adhesive back. Opaque Static Cling is a great way to promote your custom services and products. Perfect temporary advertising tool to announce new product line, offers and discounts. Also used as an Interior or Exterior window signage branding and wayfinding solution.

How does Static Cling work?

Opaque Clings are made of a special type of Vinyl free of adhesive backing. This electrically charged static Vinyl, when pressed to the surface, just adheres through suction. Due to its non-adhesive nature, it is best suited for temporary applications on glass windows and other smooth surfaces. After the removal, it leaves no residue and can be reused afterwards.

What are the benefits of Clear Static Cling?

  • Static Cling has the same durability as Decals
  • It is an adhesive-free material and leaves no residue after removal
  • Can be used on different glossy materials, curved surfaces and objects
  • Ideal for both exterior and interior applications
  • Easy to remove and reposition
  • Allows sunlight in and provides double-sided visibility

What is the difference between Clear Window Decals and Clear Static Cling?

Both Window Stickers or Decals and Static Clings offer cost-effective and highly efficient ways to promote your message to your target audience. Both are equally durable materials for indoor and outdoor applications. However, these minor differences will surely help you choose the one that best suits your requirements. The main distinguishing feature is in the coloring. Clear Static Clings have no base color as a background – but a see-through look for better and cleaner visibility. Opaque or White Static Clings have more solid background, the prints have white layer, which makes the message pop and allow more visibility.

Also, if you are looking for a removable and reusable Vinyl Graphics and with a non-adhesive backing, we recommend Static Clings. It leaves no residue after the removal. If not applied properly, however, high winds can blow it away. Clear Window Decals, on the other hand, can leave a residue after 5+ years of usage and being constantly under direct sun. Once removed, you cannot use it any more. Residue comes off with a soapy water or alcohol.

Both are equally sun and fade resistant, of the same thickness, have long-term durability and lifespan.

Where to install the Opaque Static Cling?

Opaque Static Clings can be applied to the outside of the glass surface to brand or decorate the window signage. In case there is a vandalism issue, Static Clings can also be applied to the inside glass surface. However, take into account the tinted windows. Depending on the level of tinted glass, the readability of the Opaque Clings can vary. We recommend cleaning the surface where the static Vinyl should be positioned. Let it dry and after final measurements – whether it sticks straight or in the center – place the Static Cling onto the surface and gentle wipe it with a cloth for smooth appearance. For the step-by-step guide, please, see our installation section.

How do I maintain Static Cling?

Static Clings come with a special backing tape – release liner. As static Clings are reusable – you need to keep that application tape for storage. With a proper care and storage, the clings can serve their purpose for years!

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