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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Reflective Aluminum Signs

Use reflective aluminum signs to get higher visibility for your displays at night and in low visibility conditions.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective aluminum signs provide you with nighttime visibility even though they themselves are not illuminated. As the name suggests, they reflect the light emanating from any source, be it a phone’s flashlight or a car’s headlights. Our custom reflective signs are:

  • Resistant to both harsh weather conditions and UV rays
  • Engineer-grade reflective
  • Highly visible at night and in other low visibility conditions
  • More affordable than illuminated solutions

Square Signs offers custom reflective aluminum signs with innovative printing capabilities. You can fully personalize your orders on our website and get any patterns or graphics printed onto the reflective material. We offer free ground shipping anywhere in the US and Canada for qualified orders over $85.

Reflective Aluminum Signs by Usage

Widely used for regulatory purposes, these reflective alternatives to regular aluminum signs can play a multitude of business and personal roles as well. Check how versatile these reflector sign displays are below․

Reflective aluminum signs printed with different graphics to be used for various purposes

Reflective Directional Signs

When you have reflective signs, you won’t have to worry about how visible your wayfinding system is at night or in foggy weather. Whether they’re for directing traffic on roads with little to no lighting, or placed on the street to guide people to your business’s doorstep, these displays guarantee 24/7 visibility.

Reflective Address Signs

Aluminum Reflective address signs are numbers used to give people a better navigation experience. They’re numbers you can place outside your house or business to make finding your address easier. Reflective number signs are also important for safety reasons. Emergency services will find you faster, day or night, in case of an accident or if you need an ambulance or the police for any reason.

Reflective Safety Signs

Custom reflective aluminum signs are popular safety displays thanks to their increased visibility. Whether you need to mark screening zones or place hazard notices, reflective safety signs are your best choice. They may even be legally required. Browse our templates to find one that fits your needs. We have a very wide collection, so you’ll definitely find one.

Reflective Real Estate Signs

Draw attention with your reflective real estate signs after business hours to outshine the competition. Reflective real estate signs are tried and tested means to boost your professionalism, and they have the added advantage of being seen in the dark.

Reflective Promotional Signs

Get a more affordable alternative than illuminated solutions with light-reflecting boards. Reflective business signs can be printed in any design, so you can display your logo on an eye-catching material. You can even use them as an advertising medium with captivating graphics.

Reflective Informational Signs

Aside from reflective safety signs and wayfinding displays, you may need to communicate other essential information to your staff, customers or even passers-by. Get a printed custom reflective aluminum sign to make sure the info is visible around the clock.

Buy More, Save More

With us, the more pieces you buy of the same product, the more you save. Get up to 41% off on bulk orders. Check the table below to see the pricing we offer. Keep in mind that the prices listed are for custom reflective signs with default options: 12”x18” sizes, rounded corners shape, single-sided printing, without drilled holes and accessories. The price will vary depending on the options you choose.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each (12”x18”)

Total Price (12”x18”)

2 pcs

7% OFF

$33.47 $35.99

$66.94 $71.98

7 pcs

17% OFF

$29.87 $35.99

$209.09 $251.93

20 pcs

24% OFF

$27.35 $35.99

$547 $719.80

50 pcs

29% OFF

$25.55 $35.99

$1,277.50 $1,799.50


100 pcs

36% OFF

$23.03 $35.99

$2,303 $3,599

500 pcs

41% OFF

$21.23 $35.99

$10,615 $17,995


Custom Reflective Aluminum Signs by Shape

A custom reflective aluminum sign can take any shape. Even though you need to follow some strict guidelines in some cases, we offer full customization for your reflective sign displays. Whether you need aluminum reflective address signs or informative displays, we have all the tools and options to meet your requirements.

Reflective aluminum signs in square, rounded, circle, outline and overline shapes


Custom reflective signs with rounded corners are the most popular choice among our customers. Since the edges of reflective aluminum signs are sharp, we advise you to choose this option as well. It’s selected by default on our tool. The 90° angled corners will be smoothed and made round at a ¼"-½" radius.


A square/rectangle cut custom reflective aluminum sign, as the name suggests, comes with 90° angles. Be aware that the corners will be a little sharp and may cause damage or harm. But you can always choose this option if you plan to mount it somewhere high and out of reach to avoid any unnecessary risks. Also take extra caution when mounting the sign.


The circle cut is also a widely requested option for custom reflective aluminum signs. The actual shape, circle or oval, will depend on the size ratio of your choice: the same vertical and horizontal dimensions will give you a perfect circle, while any difference between the two will give you an oval shape. The greater the difference, the more noticeable the oval.


To get a custom-shaped reflective aluminum sign, you’ll need to create the display in your desired shape and choose the outline cutting option. Please keep in mind that in case your design has separated parts, they’ll be connected to each other when cut. You need to order separate pieces of custom reflective sign for each part you want.


To add an additional border around your design, choose the overline cutting option. The border will have the initial material color which is white in the case of custom reflective aluminum signs. Keep in mind that the border size (¼"-½") will be included and not added to the size you specify during the design process. If you need the border of your reflective aluminum signs to have a specific color, design or pattern, you’ll need to include it in the design and choose the outline cutting option instead.

Reflective Signs Material

We use composite aluminum, also called dibond as the core of reflective signs. It consists of two metal panels with polyethylene foam sandwiched between. The sheeting we add to the faces is high-quality vinyl.

Reflective signs material with four layers of aluminum, foam and reflective vinyl

So, how does it work?

There are micro glass beads that reflect the light all over the vinyl surface. Also called retroreflective, the sheet sends the light back in the direction of the source instead of deflecting it in different directions. This feature provides the viewer with a clearer image.

Thanks to this material, you get your display “illuminated” without electricity or another energy source.

Reflective Aluminum Signs Printing

We use advanced full-color printing technology for custom reflective aluminum signs. The method we use isn’t based on cutting the adhesive reflective material and sticking it on the sign. Instead, we print your desired design, be it a photo or text, directly onto the material. This allows you to fully personalize your reflective signs. Create the graphics in our design tool from scratch, use our ready-made, customizable designs or upload an image you already have.

Reflective aluminum signs day and night visibility difference

We offer two printing options for custom reflective aluminum signs:

Single-Sided Retroreflective Signs

We offer single-sided printing as the default option for reflective aluminum signs. While the first surface will hold the design of your choice, the back will only have the white finish of the aluminum and won’t be reflective. This option works great for wall-mounted displays like name panels.

Double-Sided Retroreflective Signs

To make the most of your display, you can select double-sided printing for reflective aluminum signs. Hang the products or mount them on a pole so that both of them are visible and double the effectiveness of your reflective signs. Your reflective number signs, for example, will be visible from both directions so it’ll be easier to find your address. By default, we’ll print the same design on both sides. If you need different designs to be printed on each side, please contact us.

There are also different ways to install these products. One way is with the help of standoffs.

*Please note that you should select the drilled holes and standoff options from the design tool before finalizing your order.

Popular Sizes of Reflective Signs Made of Aluminum

There are certain standard sizes for road, highway or parking displays made of this material. There are also popular dimensions for other uses of this product. See how your reflective aluminum signs will look like on your gate in the most popular sizes to have a visual reference of what sizes you’ll need for yours.

Reflective aluminum signs in three popular sizes attached to a fence

Comparison of Similar Products

Check the table below to see more products you may need to use along with reflective aluminum signs. Please keep in mind that the listed prices are for the default options of the respective products and changes as well as any additional accessories may affect the price.


Reflective Aluminum Signs

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Acrylic Signs

Metal Photo Prints

Dibond Signs

Size range

4"x4" - 48”x96”

4"x4" - 48”x96”

4"x4" - 48”x96”

4"x4" - 48"x96"

4"x4" - 48”x96”

Price range

$18.27 - $382.04

$26.21 - $530.29

$34.21 - $310.15

$16.02- $305.81

$16.02 - $305.81

LIfespan (indoor/outdoor)






Printing options










What materials do you use when making reflective aluminum signs?

We use two high-quality materials to manufacture reflective signs: composite aluminum and engineer-grade reflective vinyl. The core consists of two layers of sturdy aluminum with a dense plastic sheet in the middle. We use engineer-grade reflective vinyl that is applied onto the aluminum to provide its reflectivity.

How does the reflective sign board work?

When light hits the reflective material in the dark, the vinyl mirrors it back and “illuminates” the product, rendering it visible.

Can I get reflective signs with a custom design and shape?

Yes! We have all the tools that allow us to print any graphics on the reflective board. From reflective real estate signs to logo displays, we print them all in full color to provide a professional appearance. You can also customize the shape on our design platform.

Do you offer shipping for reflective boards?

Yes, we offer shipping all across the United States and Canada.  Ground shipping will be free for orders over $85 and under 36" in size within the contiguous US.