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Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Provide 24/7 visibility - used for regulatory and warning signs. Rust proof Aluminum sign surface overlaid with durable- fade-resistant Reflective Vinyl.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Thickness: 0.125" (1/8) Drilled hole options: 4 corners, Top and bottom center, Top corners only, 4 Corners and Top and Bottom Center


0.47 lbs/sqft and 0.59 lbs/sqft, 0.89 lbs/sqft, 1.18lbs/sqft, 1.33lbs/sqft, 1.85lbs/sqft, 3.69lbs/sqft (for 12’’X12’’ sheets) according to the thicknesses mentioned above Printing: Digital, high resolution direct printing with UV inks
Min. Sign size: 4" x 4" Printing options: Single-sided, Double-sided
Max. sign size: 48" x 96" Features: Standard aluminum coated with reflective vinyl
Common Sizes: 12" x 18", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", can be Customized Usage outdoors: 5+
Reflective vinyl color: White Usage indoors: 10+
Installation: Mounting with screws and standoffs, double sided tape, hanging clips, Zip ties, Command strips, etc.

What are Custom Reflective Aluminum Signs?

Reflective Aluminum Signs are made to be easy to see day or night. These are Aluminum Signs with reflective vinyl that allows 24/7 visibility. These signs are good for both indoor and outdoor use but are more commonly seen outdoors. Reflective Aluminum Signs are most of the time used as a road or street, traffic, safety and real estate signs. Aluminum is a great material for outdoor signs, because it is completely rust and weather resistant. The vinyl graphics are applied onto the standard Aluminum for night time visibility. This also adds extra weather resistance to the Aluminum Sign. Reflective Metal can be cut to any shape, but will normally come with rounded corners. Can be also custom drilled for easy mounting.

Where to use Reflective Aluminum Signs?

Reflective Aluminum is used for exterior and interior signage solutions. For interior signage Reflective Aluminum is most of the time used as a warning, notice and site sign. It’s also used as exit sign, directional sign, parking sign, etc. For exterior applications, Reflective Aluminum has an even more important role. It can serve as a road directional signage. It’s also a sound investment for businesses located near industrial areas, highways, main streets or byways. Reflective Aluminum helps to double up the visibility and attracts attention 24/7.

What’s the advantages of the Reflective Aluminum Sign?

  • Helps to reinforce your business presence day and night
  • Has longer lifespan than Standard Aluminum Signs
  • Increases safety in low-light environment
  • Has customized graphics with any image and message

How to Install Reflective Metal Signs?

You can affix your Custom Reflective Aluminum Sign with a full arsenal of accessories used for different surfaces and locations. The Reflective Aluminum Sign can be wall mounted with screws or bolts. Attached to the pole is the most common way for street sign installation. These signs can be also hung with chains or strings. Can be attached to the interior walls with double-sided tapes or tied up with zip ties. For a complete guide please read our installation section.

How to maintain Reflective Aluminum Signs?

For cleaning the Reflective Aluminum Sign, we recommend using liquid soap and a soft cloth to wipe off the dirt. Do not use cleaner with harsh chemicals or metal sponges onto the reflective graphics. For storage we recommend dry and cool room. Avoid putting any heavy items on the sign as over time it can deform the sign.

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