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Metal photo printsMetal photo prints
Decorative metal art printDecorative metal art print
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Metal photo prints
Metal photo printsMetal photo prints

Metal Photo Prints

Spruce up any interior with gallery-quality metal photo prints.

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Installation Guide for Metal Photo Prints

Installation with standoffs

Standoffs are one of the most secure forms of installation for this product as they are on the heavier side, especially when large-scale.


Step 1: Determine the location where the sign should be installed.

Step 2: Drill holes into the wall that are aligned with the pre-drilled holes of the metal sign.

Step 3: Insert anchors into the holes and screw the barrels of the standoffs into place.

Step 4: Place the pre-drilled holes of the metal photo print against the barrels on the wall.

Step 5: Screw in the caps of the standoffs to sandwich the print between the barrels and the caps.


Installation with command strips

Use as many strips as required for the secure installation of the photo print in your selected size.


Step 1: Make sure the application surface is smooth and clean.

Step 2: Take the strips and remove the backing liners from one side.

Step 3: Position them on the back of the photo print.

Step 4: Press the fasteners to make sure the strips are firmly attached to the print.

Step 5: Remove the backing liners on the other side of the strips

Step 6: Apply the metal photo print to evenly marked points on the wall.

Step 7: Hold the photo from the bottom and pull to detach it from the back strips.

Step 8: Wait for at least an hour to make sure the back strips are firmly attached to the wall.

Step 9: Mount the print back onto the wall by reattaching the print and wall strips together.

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