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Gold acrylic signsGold acrylic signs
Gold acrylic sign quoteGold acrylic sign quote
Just married gold acrylic signageJust married gold acrylic signage
Gold acrylic signs
Gold acrylic signsGold acrylic signs

Gold Acrylic Signs

Elegant and durable displays with a gold mirror finish are ready to brighten up any event with a delicate glow.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Specifications and Usage of Gold Acrylic Signs


1/8" or 0.125"

Material Finish:

Reflective gold with matte printing


0.750 lbs/sq ft

Drilled Holes:

4 corners, top and bottom center, top corners only, 4 corners and top and bottom center, right & left center drilled holes

Min Size:


Printing Options:

Standard, single-sided

Max Size:


Cutting Options:

Standard, outline, overline, rounded

Common Sizes:

18”x24”, 19”x27”, 20”x30”, 27”x40, custom


Silver or gold standoffs, suction cup and hook, command strips, easel backs


Rectangle, circle, square, custom

Lifespan (Indoor/Outdoor):

15+ years/5+ years

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