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Gold acrylic signsGold acrylic signs
Gold acrylic sign quoteGold acrylic sign quote
Just married gold acrylic signageJust married gold acrylic signage
Gold acrylic signs
Gold acrylic signsGold acrylic signs

Gold Acrylic Signs

Elegant and durable displays with a gold mirror finish are ready to brighten up any event with a delicate glow.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

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Gold Acrylic Signs

Searching for elegant displays to add a touch of class to your wedding ceremony? A gold acrylic sign with a mirror finish is the most decorative of the acrylic signs and ideal for festive occasions.

Buy More, Save More

The discounted prices correspond to gold plexiglass with default options that’s 24”x30” in size.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

7% OFF

$196.99 $211.82

$393.98 $423.64

7 pcs

17% OFF

$175.81 $211.82

$1,230.67 $1,482.74

20 pcs

24% OFF

$160.98 $211.82

$3,219.6 $4,236.4

50 pcs

29% OFF

$150.39 $211.82

$7,519.5 $10,591

100 pcs

36% OFF

$135.56 $211.82

$13,556 $21,182

500 pcs

41% OFF

$124.97 $211.82

$62,485 $105,910

Shapes of Gold Acrylic Signs

Our gold displays are available in custom sizes and can be cut in these shapes:

  • Square / rectangle - 90° angles with sharp corners
  • Rounded - 90° angles with rounded corners
  • Outline - exact shape of your design
  • Overline - shape of your design with a border around it

Material and Printing of Gold Acrylic Signs

A gold mirror acrylic sign is a rigid material used under various weather conditions. Similar to frosted acrylic signs, gold plexiglass is popular for decorative use. The ⅛” (0.125”) thick material is tinted gold with a reflective effect. We offer single-sided, standard printing for gold mirror plexiglass which gives the design a matte finish.


Mounting of Gold Acrylic Signs

Gold plexiglass can be set up in several ways based on accessories available in our menu.

  • Standoff bolts

Silver and golden standoffs are used to mount the medium onto walls and other flat surfaces.

  • Command strips

Command strips fix the gold plexiglass on smooth and flat surfaces without visible hardware.

  • Suction cup and hook

Suction cup and hooks will hang the medium from glass and similar smooth surfaces.

  • Easel backs

Easel backs allow you to set free-standing displays on surfaces like tables and countertops.


Gold Acrylic Signs FAQ

How to take care of gold plexiglass?

Cleaning the surface with a damp, non-abrasive cloth will suffice. Don’t use any harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the product.

What’s the lifespan of gold acrylic signs?

The sturdiness of the medium allows it to be used under different weather conditions. It has a lifespan of up to 15 years indoors and more than 5 years outdoors.

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