Foamboard Signs

Foamboard Signs

Get the best out of the two worlds a professional, catchy, sharp look combined with super light weight

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Specifications of Foamboard Signs

Thickness: 1/8", 3/16", 1/2", 1" Installation: Directly mounted onto the surface with suction cup & hook, double-sided tape or command strips or fixed with zip ties or easel backs
Weight: 0.15lbs/sqft, 0.20lbs/sqft, 0.54lbs/sqft, 1.07lbs/sqft according to the above mentioned thicknesses Printing: Digital - Direct printing with fade and sun resistant UV inks
Min. Size: 4" x 4" Printing options: Single sided, Double sided
Max. Size: 48" x 96" Cutting options: Standard, overline, outline, rounded
Common sizes: 18" x 24", 18" x 36", 24" x 24", 24" x 48", 36" x 54", 48" x 72", 48" x 96" Drilled hole options: 4 corners, right and left center, top and bottom center, top corners only, 4 corners and top and bottom center
Colors: white, black Lifespan: 25+ indoors, not recommended for outdoor usage

What is Foamboard Sign?

Foam board is made of polystyrene foam core sandwiched between two clay-coated paper. This is the material that nearly everyone has dealt with in their lives. Foam board is lightweight, eco-friendly and affordable. The paper finishes give the foam board signs matte finish and color vividness. No wonder they are so popular in indoor decorations and signage.

Where can I use Foam Board Sign?

Foamboard is lightweight, affordable yet looks expensive and that is why it has such wide usage. Foam board is used for:

Indoor decorations

Company name logo signs


Trade show booths

Photograph print backs

Directional signs

Exit signs...and many more.

Foamboard printing provides excellent finishes that give the sign a professional look. These signs can go for years indoors if kept properly.

What inks do you use for foam board printing?

For Foam board printing we use high quality UV inks. These inks provide color vividness and clearness on many materials including foam board. Foam board prints serve as attractive signs, photo prints, stands and what not. What is more, you can have double sided printing on foam boards. This means more visibility and more information for passers-by. You can have the same message as well as different messages printed on each side. You can transfer any information on foam boards via printing; images (both personal and stock), texts, graphic designs. Foam board printing gives you all the opportunities.

Can Foamboard be used outdoors?

We don’t recommend using foamboard signs outdoors. The cover of the foamboard is paper that can stand outdoors only for a short period of time in good weather conditions. Yet it is great for interior usages and can go for years if kept properly.

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