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Custom car window decalsCustom car window decals
Baby on board car window decalBaby on board car window decal
Delivery custom car window decalDelivery custom car window decal
Perforated car window decalPerforated car window decal
Safety car window decalSafety car window decal
Car Window Decals Slider 6Car Window Decals Slider 6
Custom car window decals
Custom car window decalsCustom car window decals

Car Window Decals

Available in different shapes, styles and material options, car window decals are perfect for advertising and personalization.

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Custom Size:

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Installation of Car Window Decals

Dry Mounting

This is the quickest method to install car window decals. But ask for help in case of large car window decals because it will be difficult to apply them alone. You won’t be able to reposition the decal after application.

Step 1: Clean the car window before applying the decal for a smooth installation.

Step 2: Place the decal on the window.

Step 3: Fix it with tapes which will keep the decal in place for precise application.

Step 4: Remove part of the backing paper and apply the decal by flattening it with a squeegee or a plastic card.

Step 5: When you’re done with that section remove the rest of the backing paper and apply the decal.

Step 6: Make sure to get rid of all the bubbles by smoothing them out with a tool or your hand.


Wet mounting

The wet mounting method may take longer but it provides the most accurate results. This method is not advised for perforated vinyl and is harder to perform in general. 

Step 1: Clean the area of application.

Step 2: Spray the surface with soap water to help you reposition the decal if needed.

Step 3: Take the backing paper off the decal and spray soap water onto the sticky side of the decal.

Step 4: Apply the sticker to the vehicle. You can easily reposition it if needed.

Step 5: Flatten it out with a squeegee or a plastic card to get rid of air bubbles.

Step 6: Start from the middle and work your way out towards the edges.

Step 7: Once you’re satisfied with the application, use a dry cloth to get rid of excess water.

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