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Black transparent acrylic signsBlack transparent acrylic signs
Wedding black transparent acrylic signWedding black transparent acrylic sign
Kitchen black transparent acrylic signKitchen black transparent acrylic sign
Black transparent acrylic name plateBlack transparent acrylic name plate
Black transparent acrylic signs
Black transparent acrylic signsBlack transparent acrylic signs

Black Transparent Acrylic Signs

Durable, versatile and long-lasting, black transparent acrylic signs will add a classy and professional touch to all business industries.

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Installation Steps for Black Transparent Acrylic Signs

You can have your displays installed with direct mounting, hanging or free-standing methods. Choose any of the following accessories we provide based on your needs: 


Installation with standoffs

Standoff installation is applicable to both interior and exterior walls. 

Step 1: Select a flat surface and mark the locations for the 4 holes to be drilled. 

Step 2: Insert the anchors into the holes.

Step 3: Screw the barrels onto the anchors.

Step 4: Position the display so that the drilled holes slide over the barrels.

Step 5: Screw the standoff caps on to sandwich the display between the hardware.


Installation with command strips

This is a perfect option for direct mounting:

Step 1: Choose a clean, dust-free surface on the wall.

Step 2: Remove one side of the strip and stick it to the display.

Step 3: Take off the adhesive cover to apply the display to the wall. 

Step 4: Grab the display from the base and pull away to remove it from the wall.

Step 5: Wait for at least an hour for the strips to adhere to each surface.

Step 6: Put the display back onto the wall by reattaching the strips.


Installation with suction cup & hook

Hang your product from glass or similarly smooth surfaces with this option.

Step 1: Choose a smooth, dust free and level surface.

Step 2: Stick the suction cups to it by applying light pressure.

Step 3: Slip the hook through the pre-drilled holes to hang the display.


Installation with easel backs

Use easel backs to display smaller-sized products on flat surfaces like tables.

Step 1: Take the easel backs and fold the wings to open the pre-dotted sections.

Step 2: Fold the circular easel stabilizers to secure the easel wings into their slots.

Step 3: Remove the tape covers from the stickers on the easel backs.

Step 4: Attach the easel backs to both sides of the display.

Step 5: To make sure they’re secure, press and hold the backs for a few seconds.

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