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About Pop Up Displays

The true benefit of the pop-up display is just how quickly it can be set up and taken down. The frame allows for the graphic to extend out to display size and compress down again to a nice portable size when not in use. The banner is printed on fabric using a dye sublimation process, creating a more brilliant and durable display. These banners are perfect for conferences, trade shows, and even photoshoots. Setup is easy but may require a second set of hands to ensure that the frame is securely latched in place. You can machine wash the fabric banner with cold water on low and air dry.

SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Weight: 27 lbs. (Total weight includes frame, display, and carrying case)

Thickness: 8.8 oz tension polyester fabric

Details: Tension fabric utilizes velcro attachments to secure the display on the pop up display frame. Carrying case provided to easily transport display

Suggested Uses: Intended for indoor use, but can be used in calm weather outdoor. Perfect for conferences and conventions, trade shows, red carpet and event pictures, events, photo sessions, promo displays and many others

Printing Method: UV ink printing process

Approximate Lifespan: 3+ years with proper installation, maintenance, and storage

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 8’x8’, 10’x10’

Options: Accessories

Pop Up displays are best installed by two people. Pull the display out of the bag, and extend the frame up, make sure to lock all of the green supports throughout the framework. Attach the graphic by applying pressure to the velcro, securing the display. Start in one corner and move to the next after making sure that the velcro is secure. Attach the top and bottom prior to attaching the sides. To care for your pop up display, use a damp cloth on spots that appear on the fabric.
You can also machine wash the fabric with cold water on low. The fabric must then be air dried. Storage in the provided carrying case will preserve and protect your pop up display.




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