About Pop Up Displays

These Pop-up Banners are the attention-grabbing tool to display your products or services. They can be placed against a wall of your store or a booth. Used both Indoors and outdoors it’s a great promotional tool for Trade Shows including! It services as a branded Backdrop for Exhibitions, seminars, Conferences and other industrial meetings. It’s a highly visible display with a focus on the banner. Thus, pop up banner help you reach out to your current and potential clients in a highly eye-catching manner.

Among the advantages of the pop up display is that you can purchase additional banner Graphics without actually buying the hardware. So, you can update the look and custom design to attend any kind of event!

The Pop-up stand is digitally printed using UV curing inks, to ensure vivid color density and clarity. Pop up stands are portable & easy to assemble. It has a self-folding mechanism. Assembly requires no tools – takes seconds. The construction is made of durable Aluminum meant for long-lasting usage in public areas. The carry case prevent the banner from grime or dust.

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SpecificationsInstallationQ & A

Pop up display ft: 8’x8’, 10’ x 8’

Front view89 3/16″ x 89 3/16″, 118 5/16″ x 89 3/16″

Banner material: Fabric

Frame: High grade accordion style Aluminum construction

Frame Weight: 16.25 lbs., 20.3 lbs.

Frame and bag weight: 22.3 lbs., 26.5 lbs.

Illumination: Optional

Printing: Digital prints with quality, sun-resistant UV inks

Setup Time: EASY! 1-3 min

Carry case: Available

Usage: Outdoors 7+, Usage Indoors 15+

Pop up displays arrive in a hard carry case with all the necessary accessories available for the installation. You can find the base construction, the graphics and illumination set (optional).
The Construction: Sturdy and durable, is in fact very light due to the strong but lightweight high-grade Aluminum structure. It has Velcro-compatible panels with 8’X8’ and 10’X10’ graphic size with 3×3 frame. The construction is folded with or without the Graphics.
Graphics: Your pop up display comes already with the Custom fabric Graphics attached to the display stand.

1. Take out the pop up display from the carry case.
2. Determine the front – facial part of the display
3. Expand the construction like an accordion
4. Fix the plastic connectors or locks at each and every corners, also connect the magnetic locks
5. Enjoy the view!

1. Unfold the plastic locks.
2. Lay the aluminum construction on the level ground
3. Pack the graphics really nicely to avoid possible wrinkles in the future
or remove the graphics and fold for storage
4. Put it back inside the carry case until the next usage.

What are pop up displays?

Pop up or Back Wall displays are the most popular tradeshow displays among Roll ups and X-frame banners; that fit any exhibition requirements. It has a flat construction, ideal for creating an advertising back-wall. The true benefit of the pop-up display is just how quickly it can be set up and taken down. The frame allows the graphic to extend out to display size and compress down again to a nice portable size when not in use. Setup is easy but may require a second set of hands to ensure that the frame is securely latched in place.

Where to use pop up displays?

Pop up Displays are great for Trade show, exhibitions, conferences and Expos. It is even used for photoshoots. The Pop up Display has a huge visual impact and is an effective marketing tool. You can use Pop up displays to give the curious clients a brief insight into your service or product line. It is transportable and ideal when you have frequent expos to attend. The Graphics can be changed according to your new campaign.

What is the difference between a Pop up Display and Pull up Banner?

Pull up or retractable banner has a simple spring roll mechanism, while Pop up display or Quick-up Display is a larger collapsible display. Pop up displays require more time to unfold. The price point is also different. Pop up displays are more expensive due to their huge visibility. Both are used at tradeshows, expos and gala concerts. Retractable pull up banner is easier to transport, whereas Pop up banner weighs from 16 to 20 lbs in total! Also, Retractable Banner can be double sided, with 360° Visibility, whereas pop up Back wall has frontal and side visibility.

How to install pop up displays?

Pop up display system comes complete in the carry case, which includes all the possible accessories you might require for the tradeshow or elsewhere. When you pull the Flat Pop up display out of its carry bag, it already has the fabric attached to the base construction. The graphics are attached to the base with Velcro across the perimeter of the hardware.. So it’s just like a camping table set, you just expand it out and snap the plastic and magnetic locks on the back and side.

How to maintain pop up displays?

The Fabric Graphics are attached to the pop up frame with Velcro. You can easily pill them off the frame for storage. Cleaning the Fabric Graphics with a damp soft cloth is more than enough. Note that the fabric Graphics are not machine washable.

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