Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs

Add a touch of warmth to your branding with these made to last Wooden signs. Perfect for a shabby chic or vintage styling, outdoor and indoor business branding.

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Installation of Wooden Signs

You can install custom wooden signs in your desired location with multiple accessories. We offer the following types of installation hardware for custom wooden signs: standoffs, command strips, zip ties and easel backs.

Wooden sign installation with standoffs

Step 1: Use a leveler to ensure that the wooden panel is positioned straight.

Step 2: Mark the wall using the pre-drilled holes of the sign.

Step 3: Drill holes into the wall accordingly.

Step 4: Insert wall anchors into the drilled holes.

Step 5: Screw the standoff barrels onto the anchors.

Step 6: Align the holes on the sign with the barrels to secure the standoff caps.


Wooden sign installation with command strips

Step 1: Take a pair of command strips and snap them onto each other.

Step 2: Peel off the tapes on one side and apply to the upper edges of the wooden sign.

Step 3: Remove the second adhesive layers and apply the sign to the target area.

Step 4: Unsnap the wooden sign, leaving the other strip attached to the wall.

Step 5: Press the wall strips down for 30 seconds to ensure they are firmly attached. 

Step 6: Leave them to set for an hour to get the tightest grip possible.

Step 7: Fix the sign back onto the wall by reattaching the strips.


Wooden sign installation with zip ties

Step 1: Take zip ties according to the numbers of pre-drilled holes on the sign.

Step 2: Pass the zip ties through the holes on the sign.

Step 3: Secure the sign into place with the zip ties, leaving no wiggle room.

Step 4: Cut the extra edges of the zip ties off for a neater look.


Wooden sign installation with easel backs

Step 1: Take the easel backs and fold the wings to open the pre-dotted areas.

Step 2: Fold down the circular easel stabilizers to secure the wings into their slots.

Step 3: Remove the tapes from the adhesive parts of the easel backs.

Step 4: Fix the adhesive parts of the easel backs onto the edges of the sign.

Step 5: Press for a few seconds to make sure they are securely attached.

Step 6: Stabilize the sign with the easel backs on a flat surface.

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