Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering

Have your business logo, letters or numbers cut to your desired custom shape - available in grand variety of colors. Give splash of color to your walls and window with these die-cut letters and numbers.

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Specifications of Vinyl Lettering

Thickness: 4mll Printing: Digital printing with UV fade-resistant inks
Weight: 0.065lbs/sqft Printing options: Mirror, inside glass
Min. size: 1"x1" Cutting options: Overline, outline
Max. size: 58"x1740" Lifespan: 1+ years
Material: White vinyl

What is Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl Letterings are quotes, a special piece of information or a message written with colorful pre-spaced vinyl letters. The application tape helps to position the Vinyl Lettering to your desired location let it be for decorative or marketing purposes.

What is car lettering?

Vinyl Lettering is a colored Vinyl, with pre-spaced adhesive letters. With the help of transparent application tape it is easy to apply the letterings to car surface. After the application, the Vinyl Letters look classy and highly professional.

The Vinyl Letterings are used as a part of an advertising campaign and branding or for personalization of the private car. Business owners use Vinyl Letters with their company name, contact information, product or the services they offer, whereas individuals add their vinyl-lettered catch phrases to decorate and personalize their vehicle.

What surfaces can I apply Vinyl Lettering to?

Vinyl sticks to non-course – smooth and clean surfaces. Vinyl letterings can be applied to car windows, sides, hood, front or back bumpers and even on the windshield and tailgate! Also:

  • Office and home walls, doors
  • Storefront Windows
  • Vehicle windows, car mirrors
  • Custom signs

Any other clean and smooth surfaces.  

Do I need to apply each letter individually?

Surely not! The letterings come with a pre-spaced application tape – transfer paper. This enables you with a quick and hassle free installation. Read our step-by-step guide of Vinyl Lettering in the installation section.

What to write with Vinyl Lettering?

  • Business name and contact information (with 2" to 4" height)
  • Opening-closing hours of the establishment (1.5" to 2" letter height)
  • Promotional messaging (with 3" to 4" letter height)
  • Your favorite quotes
  • Funny sayings
  • Motivational quotes
  • House numbers and family name
  • Department names and directional messages
  • Custom event messages
  • Indicate wi-fi zone
  • Welcome quotes
  • Combine the letterings with graphics stickers

How do I remove Vinyl Letters?

Lift any edge of the Vinyl Letter using fingernails or a sharp blade (be careful not to damage the surface) to peel off the Vinyl.

You can also use hair dryer or steamer (avoid overheating) to weaken the adhesive layer and remove the remains of the adhesive with acetone based remover. 

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