Roll up Banners

Retractable Banners

Effective type of advertising - ideal for special event and tradeshow booth promotions. Portable, easy-to-setup-and-down Fail-safe banners with built-in graphics

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Retractable Banners

Retractable banners, also known as roll-up or pull-up banners, are self-supporting stands perfect for promotions and displaying all kinds of messages. Roll-up banners have a sleek design with a durable aluminum base and a spring-loaded mechanism.

At Square Signs, we offer top-quality roll-up banners with next day shipping all across the USA and Canada. Here, you can find standard pull-up banners and double-sided retractable banners to further your exposure. If you already happen to have the stand, you are welcome to get just the banner piece to replace your existing display with a new one.

Communicate the product to your customers in an effective manner. The roll-up banner stand is an ideal solution for malls and other indoor/outdoor venues to draw the attention of visitors towards your business. Retractable banner stands are the best solution for highlighting your special and promotional offers.

Retractable posters can provide a strategic and professional look to your company at various events. The key advantages of this lightweight banner are easy transportability and minimal effort for setting up.

These are the perfect tools for effective product placement. Draw in potential clients in the streets, hallways and lobbies with double-sided roller banners.

Announce your presence during conferences, presentations or trade shows with outstanding retractable signs. Make the most of trade show foot traffic and ensure that your brand presence is memorable with a professional display. Use effective stands to attract your potential customers and stand out among competitors.

Custom retractable banners are a good investment for business promotions, as these are reusable. Keep the stand of your previous banners and order just the banner to replace an old one. You can do this as often as you wish and use the same stand for various events.

We offer roll-up banners in multiple sizes that allow you to display as much information as you need. Our retractable banners come in carrying bags that are perfect for transporting the banner from one venue to another.

Send us your design to be printed on the banner or use one of our thousands of free artworks. Here you can find and personalize custom designs that will fit your brand voice.

Roll-up banner features

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • UV protected printing for retractable banners
  • Easy to set-up and break down
  • Double-sided option available
  • Pull-up banners come in a carrying case


For roll-up banners, we use premium-quality vinyl material. Naturally, the material is white but you can get graphics with any color printed on them. Although the material comes in rolls, custom sizes are not available. You can get them only in the following sizes: 33" x 78", 45” x 78”, 57" x 78”.


We use printers with a UV curing system. During the retractable banner printing process, the graphics are dried with ultraviolet rays that make the printing UV resistant. You can use our free designing tool to create your custom retractable banner design by choosing one of our templates or sending us your own artwork.

Types of lightweight & portable pull-up banners


This is the standard roll-up banner option that comes in the following sizes: 33" x 78", 45” x 78”, 57" x 78”. The standard option is one-sided with only one banner included.


If you want to display more information on the sign without squeezing it on one side, you can pick double-sided roll-up banners. Use both sides to communicate your brand message. Double-sided roll-up banners come with two banners in the following size: 33"x78". Having your information displayed on both sides increases your chance of being noticed by your potential prospects at trade shows, fairs or other events.

Without stand

If you already have the roll-up stand and just need to replace the graphics you can order the banner by itself. We offer banners for roll-up stands in the following sizes: 33" x 78", 45” x 78”, 57" x 78”.

Comparison Chart

  Roll-up banners Telescopic Banners Pop Up Displays X-stands Vinyl Banners
Min. size 33" x 78" 72" x 48" 96" x 96" 24" x 63" 12” x 12”
Max. size 57" x 78” 120" x 96" 120" x 96" 32" x 72” 115" x 1680"
Thickness 0.02" 0.02" 0.03" 0.03" 0.02" 0.02"
Printing Options Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard


What is a retractable banner?

Vertical retractable banner is a self-supportive free-standing banner, with printed graphics placed inside an aluminum base construction that has a spring-loaded mechanism. It’s quick to assemble and big enough to draw foot traffic. The banner is rolled back into the base to be protected from damage. It’s a lightweight and portable banner perfect for presentations, conferences and events. Retractable banner stands are also known as roller banners, roll-up posters or pull-out banners.

Where to use retractable banners?

Roll-up displays have versatile usage at exhibitions, trade shows, schools, universities, gala openings, shopping malls, reception areas, and for product and service promotions. They’re an ideal solution for companies, individuals, media or charity events. Cultural institutions like museums, restaurants and many other establishments can easily utilize these portable banner stands for their business needs as well.

Can I use your pull-up banners outdoors?

Yes! The vinyl graphics are digitally full-color printed using top-quality UV inks. After the UV curing process, the print becomes sun-resistant. We offer durable retractable banners that will withstand any weather conditions across the USA and Canada. However, we do not recommend using roll-up signs outdoors under windy conditions.

How to set up retractable banners?

Free-standing banners are very simple to assemble; they take only a few minutes. First, take all the parts out from the carry bag. Next, attach the parts and pull up the banner from the base. For more detailed instructions, you can follow the step-by-step installation guide in our installation section.

How to maintain retractable banners?

Pull-up banners do not require much care. Wiping the dust off the banner with a piece of cloth is more than enough. For dirtier areas, use a damp cloth to get rid of stains.

If I already have a roll-up banner, can I just order the banner to change it?

Yes. Reusability is one of the features of custom roll-up banners. You can keep the base from the old banner stand and only change the graphics. This way you will save money and be able to reuse the same stand for multiple purposes.

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