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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Reflective Car Decals

Visible day and night, reflective car decals are perfect for spreading all kinds of messages that get noticed fast.
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Reflective Car Decals

This product is made of flexible 4 mil ethylene and chlorine material that reflects light. Reflective lettering and decals are visible at night thanks to car headlights passing by.

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Square Signs uses world-class printers to produce car decals as well as car window decals with UV cured inks. We deliver all across the US and Canada. You can also get free ground shipping on orders over $85 and under 36” in size.

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2 pcs

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$22.8 $24.52

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$8,537 $14,470

Reflective Vinyl For Cars By Usage

Here are a few popular uses for custom reflective decals for cars.

reflective car decal for the Look Salon & Spa

Reflective Car Decals for Notices

Prioritize safety with our reflective vinyl for cars and share any message effectively. Check your state's relevant regulations before applying notices to your car windows.

Reflective Car Decals for Advertisements

Advertise with large-scale reflective truck decals. Illustrations depicted on reflective vinyl for cars will increase your reach by targeting clients at night.

Reflective Car Decals for Information

Share important information about your business. List your name, services, contact information and even promotional images if you have space on your vehicle.

Reflective Car Decals for Personalization 

Reflective car stickers are a trendy choice for quotes and graphics. Use our sign design tool to make personalized illustrations with modifiable templates.

Material and Printing of Reflective Car Stickers

For reflective car window decals, we use reflective 4 mil vinyl with a glossy finish. The material is durable and can be used outdoors without being damaged. This product is printed with UV inks on one side and has an adhesive layer on the other.

Cutting Options of Reflective Car Decals

We offer five cutting options for reflective vehicle graphics:

  • Square/Rectangle: Square or rectangle shape with pointed corners. 
  • Rounded: Square or rectangular with rounded corners.
  • Outline: Cut the material in the shape of your graphics.
  • Overline: Cut in the shape of your design with a thin border around it. 
  • Lettering: Cut in the exact shape of your letters and quotes.

Application of Reflective Vinyl for Cars

Reflective truck decals stick to any vehicle’s surface perfectly and can be removed without leaving any residue. For details about the application of this product, refer to our step-by-step reflective car decal installation guide.

Sizes of Reflective Car Decals

The minimum size for reflective vehicle lettering is 4"x4" and the maximum size is 48"x1,200". We also provide custom sizes within that range. 

Comparison of Reflective Vehicle Decals With Similar Products


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Size Range

4"x4" - 48"x1,200”

6"x6" - 58"x1,680”

6"x6" - 58"x1,680”

6"x6" - 52"x1,680”

Price Range

$10.4 - $3000

$22.99 - $2225.39

$7.97 - $3,369.94

$12.41 - $3,061.97


4 mil


4 mil

6.3 mil

Printing Options



Standard, Second Surface


Reflective Car Decal FAQ

What is a reflective car decal?

This product is made of a flexible retroreflective sheet that bounces light back to the source, making it highly visible at night. It’s great for providing regulatory, promotional and informative messages on all parts of any vehicle. 

Where can I apply this product?

Whether it’s reflective truck lettering, rear window branding or any other type of car illustration, this product can be customized to suit all types of vehicles! Attach it to police cars, commercial trailers or personal vehicles to share your message. Use our online design platform and create reflective bumper stickers along with personalized car magnets

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