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Reflective car decalsReflective car decals
Reflective car window decalReflective car window decal
Reflective vehicle stickerReflective vehicle sticker
Reflective car decals
Reflective car decalsReflective car decals

Reflective Car Decals

Visible day and night, reflective car decals are perfect for spreading all kinds of messages that get noticed fast.

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Installation of Reflective Car Decals

You won’t be able to reposition the product once it’s stuck to the surface so follow the directions carefully to ensure proper application.


Step 1: Choose the area of application and clean the surface thoroughly.

Step 2: Peel off the transfer paper from the product and position your graphics.

Step 3: Apply the product from one side by flattening it out with your hand.

Step 4: Use a squeegee or plastic card to flatten the surface and get rid of air bubbles.



To remove the product, simply peel it off from one side and clean it to get rid of any light residue.

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