Retro Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Provide 24/7 visibility - used for regulatory and warning signs. Rust proof Aluminum sign surface overlaid with durable- fade-resistant Reflective Vinyl.

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Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective aluminum signs are the best signage solution for nighttime use. Help your customers spot your business at night with highly attractive reflective aluminum graphics. Square Signs offers top-quality reflective aluminum signs with shipping all across the USA and Canada.

Whether you need business, decorative or informative signs, reflective aluminum suits the criteria perfectly, providing visibility day and night.

Reflective aluminum signs are usually installed on poles, although there are other types of installation options available. They can also be affixed onto wire fences via zip ties. Often, reflective signs can be seen hanging on special structures as well. We offer various installation accessories to satisfy your needs. Order your custom reflective aluminum signage and get it shipped the next day.

Our reflective aluminum signs are fully customizable. Send us your design or use our free templates created by our talented team of professionals. Make your custom reflective signage from scratch using our free design tool. In case you’re having trouble with the designing process, Square Signs specialists are always ready to assist you. Just get in touch with our customer support and they will walk you through the entire process.


Reflective Road Signs

Reflective aluminum is the most used type of material for regulatory road signs. The reflective properties of this type of sign help drivers easily find their route at night. Without any detectable signage, it’s easy to get lost in the dark, especially when you don’t have a GPS available. Custom reflective road signs are the perfect solution for nighttime drivers. Make your own road or driveway sign online with our free design tool.

Reflective Notice Signs

Notice signs provide urgent messages that need to be visible at all hours of the day. Poor visibility of notice signs can create hazardous conditions. With high reflectivity, such informative signs will not go unnoticed. Whether used for the interior or exterior, notice signs should be made of reflective aluminum to immediately grab everyone's attention and communicate important messages. 

Reflective Directional Signs

Custom reflective aluminum signs are great for showing directions in the dark. Restaurants or hotels use light reflective signs to guide their customers toward their business at night. Display reflective directional signs along the street to ease the navigation towards your establishment.

Reflective Parking Signs

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a parking spot at night. In this case, reflective signs come in very handy. Drivers can easily find a parking space with highly visible reflective parking signs. Order your very own personalized parking sign in just a few minutes and we will ship it out on the next business day all across the USA and Canada.

Reflective Business Signs

Showcase the name of your company with reflective aluminum signs to make it noticeable both throughout the day and night. Reflective aluminum signs work great for restaurants, hotels and other establishments that are open late. The visibility of retroreflective signs will help you attract customers even during peak hours of darkness.

Custom Reflective Aluminum Signs

Aside from business and safety signs, reflective aluminum can also be used for personal needs. Customize your signs using our free design tool. Choose your desired shape, size, cutting and printing options with just a few clicks. Custom reflective signs are suitable for decorative purposes as well. Give freedom to your imagination and create your unique reflective sign now! 


  • Visible day and night
  • Engineer grade reflectivity
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV protected
  • Double-sided


Reflective metal signs consist of two materials: engineer grade reflective vinyl and composite aluminum. The reflectivity of the sign is provided by the reflective vinyl. Only the areas with reflective vinyl will be visible in the dark. Engineer grade reflective sheets are applied onto highly durable composite aluminum, also known as dibond. The latter consists of two layers of aluminum with a sturdy plastic sheet in the middle. The unique design of dibond makes it one of the longest lasting materials in the signage industry. It’s durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions, making these signs applicable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


We offer custom printing for reflective aluminum signs. You can send us your images for printing or use one of our free templates. For printing, we use cutting-edge UV curing technologies. The printers dry the inks with ultraviolet rays during the printing process which makes the print sun-resistant. UV printing guarantees a long lifespan for the graphics and helps preserve color vibrancy. 


Printing Options

Single-Sided Printing

We offer standard single-sided printing with your custom design. You can create your graphics on our free design tool or you can send us your ready design.

Double-Sided Printing

To make your sign more effective, we offer double-sided reflective aluminum signs. Display your message on both sides of the sign to attract more attention.



We offer the industry’s latest equipment for cutting your reflective aluminum signs. Our CNC cutting machine is perfect for cutting sturdy materials into the most complex shapes and sizes. The CNC mill is driven and controlled by computer software to provide the highest level of accuracy in cutting. This also helps to reduce the amount of material waste during production. For soft materials like reflective vinyl, we offer digital plotter cutting. It provides fast and effective contour cutting thanks to a crop mark sensory system. 

Cutting Options

Square or Rectangle Cut

This is the regular cutting option. Your reflective signs can be cut into square or rectangle shapes of any size. 

Rounded Cut

With this cutting option, the edges of square or rectangle cut reflective aluminum signs will be rounded. This provides a refined look to the sign.

Outline Cut

If you want the shape of your sign to match the shape of your design then you can choose the outline cutting option. With this option, your sign will be cut in the exact shape of your design.

Overline Cut

This option is similar to outline cutting but with overline cutting, your sign will have an extra border around it.


We offer lamination services in case you want to reinforce your reflective aluminum signs. Lamination is an extra protective layer that makes the surface of the material more durable and scratch-resistant. You can choose from the following three types of lamination: glossy, matte or dry erase.


Lamination Options


If you’re going for a more subtle look then matte lamination is recommended. This lamination option makes the print more durable and also provides a more elegant look. Also, matte lamination creates a softer contrast between the colors of the print. 


Glossy lamination provides a shiny finish to the print. It prevents the surface from scratching and provides an enhanced color vibrancy. 

Dry Erase 

This lamination not only makes the print more durable but also turns the surface into a kind of whiteboard. You can use a temporary marker to write on the surface of your sign and erase it as often as needed.


Comparison Chart


Reflective Aluminum Signs

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs

Dibond Signs

Min. size

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

Max. size

48” x 96”

48" x 96"

48” x 96”

96" x 48”






Printing Options

One side print

Double-sided print

One side print

Double-sided print

One side print

Double-sided print

One side print

Double-sided print

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What materials do you use for making reflective street signs?

For custom reflective signs, we use two high-quality materials: compost aluminum and reflective vinyl. Dibond is a highly durable material that consists of two layers of sturdy aluminum with a dense plastic sheet in the middle. We use engineer grade reflective vinyl that is applied onto aluminum to provide its reflectivity.

How does reflective aluminum work?

We use a special engineer grade reflective vinyl that provides visibility to the sign. When light falls on the sign in the dark, the vinyl reflects it back and illuminates the sign, making it visible.

Are custom reflective aluminum signs visible in the dark?

Yes, the main feature of custom reflective aluminum signs is nighttime visibility. The material reflects any artificial source of light in the dark and makes the sign perfectly visible without electricity. 

What shapes can reflective aluminum signs have?

You can order tailor-made reflective aluminum signs in your desired shapes and sizes. We offer standard square and rounded cutting as well as outline cutting in the shape of your design. You can choose your desired cutting option in our design tool.

How do you maintain reflective metal signs?

Custom reflective aluminum signs do not require any special maintenance. Just wipe the sign with a damp cloth from time to time to maintain its initial appearance.

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