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Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Provide 24/7 visibility - used for regulatory and warning signs. Rust proof Aluminum sign surface overlaid with durable- fade-resistant Reflective Vinyl.

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If you need signage that can be visible at night without any illumination, then Reflective Aluminum Signs will be perfect for you.

Aluminum is a durable material that can withstand wind, rain and even scorching sun. Thus, Reflective Aluminum Signs can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Usually, Reflective Aluminum is used for making Traffic Signs, Warning, Prohibition,  Danger Signs or Novelty Signs.

Often you can see such sign on the highways, when driving in the dark you see directional signage. The signs become visible by reflecting the light of your vehicle.

Novelty Signs are often used for decorating the interiors of bars, cafes, offices and even bedrooms.

Light up your business signage with Reflective Aluminum Signs and let everyone know you are there even at night.

The reflective vinyl overlay on the signs creates an enhanced brand appeal even in the dark.

You can get reflective Aluminum Signs in any shape and size, just choose all those options in our Free Designing Tool and we will manufacture your Custom Sign. Street and Regulatory Signs have certain shapes that need to be maintained, so make sure to order it in the correct shape.

You can upload your own graphics that need to be displayed on the Reflective Aluminum or you can choose one of our free templates.

Reflective Aluminum Signs are usually installed on poles, although, there are other types of installation as well. They can be fixed on wire fences through zip ties. Often these signs can be seen hanging on special constructions as well. Order your Custom reflective Aluminum Signage and get it shipped the next day.

Benefits of Reflective Aluminum Signs


  • Easily noticeable
  • Perfect for night time use
  • Durable with a long lifespan
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • One or double-sided


Reflective aluminum signs consist of two materials: reflective vinyl and aluminum. The reflectivity of the sign is provided by white reflective vinyl. This is a highly adhesive material that reflects light and makes the sign visible in the dark. We provide direct printing on reflective vinyl and only the non-printed areas remain reflective.White reflective vinyl is applied to aluminum, which is one of the most rigid materials used in the signage industry. It is durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions, thus these signs can have both indoor and outdoor use.


For reflective aluminum signs, one and double-sided direct printing is available. The signs are UV printed, meaning they will not fade over time and will retain their primary look for a long period. This is achieved due to the printing process when the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays that turn the printing sun-resistant.

Reflective Aluminum Signs Cutting


We offer the industry’s latest equipment for cutting your reflective aluminum sign. Our CNC cutting machine is perfect for almost 30 different rigid materials from aluminum to foamboard, plastic, wood. CNC mill is driven and controlled by computer software, thus it provides the highest accuracy in cutting. This also helps to reduce the amount of waste during cutting. For soft materials like reflective vinyl, we offer digital plotter cutting option. It provides fast and effective contour cutting thanks to the cropmark sensory system. Digital cutting machines are also highly effective in sample/pattern making.

Reflective Aluminum Signs Buying Options

Buying Options

Double-sided signs - You can order Reflective Aluminum Signs with graphics on both sides. This doubles the visibility it has and enhances the chances for the sign to be noticed.

Reflective Aluminum Signs with standoffs - We offer a number of accessories for the installation of these signs but the most professional and elegant looking hardware are standoffs. With this type of installation, the sign is detached from the wall and has 4 metallic standoffs on all corners of it.

Signs with drilled holes -  You can order signs with just drilled holes without any installation accessories. You can choose the number and the position of the holes and install the signs in your desired way.

Square or Rectangle cut - This cutting option will provide you standard square or rectangle shaped signs with pointed sharp edges.

Rounded cut - With this option the sharp edges of the square or rectangle signs will be rounded.

Outline cut - Your Reflective Aluminum Sign will be cut in the shape of your design. You can choose any custom shape and we will make your sign in that exact shape.

Overline cut - You can choose any shape for your sign. With this option, the sign will be cut in the shape of your chosen design and will have an extra border around it.

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