Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

Regardless of the weather, get your message across with wind and fade-resistant mesh banners designed for large scale outdoor advertising

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Mesh Banners

If you are looking for a Banner to display outdoors, especially in a windy location, then Mesh Banners are the perfect choice for you. Mesh Banner is known for having small holes all over it to let the air pass through. The weave on the banner prevents it from being blown away by the wind. These Banners are lightweight, waterproof, wind, sun and fade resistant and are very easy to use.

You can order customized outdoor Mesh Banners for business advertising. These Banners can be used in various locations, such as concerts, trade shows or just on a building for marketing purposes. Mesh Banners usually have bigger fonts and graphics to attract passers-by or drivers from a distance. Short messages or just the company name is more than enough to display on a Mesh Banner. Unlike Vinyl Banners, Mesh one is not meant for detailed information.  

Hang the Mesh Banner from the attachment points with the help of custom ordered grommets or pole pockets. We offer the following accessories that can be used with grommets to install the Banner: Hanging clips, Zip ties, Nylon ropes and Bungee cords.

Benefits of Mesh Banners


  • Rain and Wind resistant
  • Durable
  • Easily noticeable
  • Increase Brand exposure premium marketing tool
  • UV protected


Mesh is a special type of a Banner material, specially designed for windy locations. These Banners have small holes all over them that let wind pass thru without tearing the Banner. The material has a special backing which provides perfect printing, which is then taken off after the printing. The material is durable enough to resist all types of weather hazards. The primary color of the material is white, which can later be printed in any possible color. Mesh material comes in rolls, so you can order Mesh Banners in a variety of sizes.


For printing on Mesh Banners, we use excellent quality UV and digital printers. All our Banner prints are UV protected. The printers dry the inks with ultraviolet rays, right after the printing process. This procedure prolongs the lifespan of the printing and retains the primary look of the Banner.

Mesh Banners Buying Options

Buying Options

With Hems - While ordering, you can choose to get Mesh Banners with hems or without. Hemming the edges of the banners makes the material more secure and durable.

With Grommets - For Mesh Banner installation, you can choose grommets on which the accessories can be fixed. These are special metallic rings attached to the 4 corners of the banner.

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