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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

Wind-and-fade-resistant, trendy, flexible car advertising medium. Easy-to-apply, remove when you don't need the advertising and re-apply when you need it again

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Specifications of Magnetic Signs



Max. Size:

48" x 96"


0.558 lbs/sq.ft.

Standard Sizes: 

12"x18", 12"x24", 18"x24", 18"x36”, custom




Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks

Min. Magnetic Pull:

90 lbs/sq.ft.

Cutting Options:

Square or rectangle, rounded, overline, outline

Min. Size:



3-5 years depending on weather conditions and proper use, much longer indoors


What are magnet signs?

Magnet signs are custom printed magnets that can display any message and graphics. You can go with promotional texts, company names, colorful logos, personal photos, inspiring quotes, contact info and much more. Custom magnets are used both in business and personal applications. Due to their versatile nature, you can display whatever you like in any shape and size on all kinds of magnetic surfaces. Magnet signs are reusable, removable and repositionable.

Where and how can I use magnet signs?

The areas of use for magnets are numerous. The most common use for businesses are on meeting board frames and as calendar magnets with brand logos. For personal usage, you can have your personal photos printed on a magnet and stick them on your fridge. They make a great present for friends and loved ones. Magnets can also be applied to cars to share your brand, promotions or any other message on-the-go.

What are the advantages of magnet signs?

The main and most obvious advantage of magnets is that you can remove and reapply them whenever you want. Unlike decals, magnets won’t lose their adhesiveness. They are also thin, harmless for surfaces, don’t leave any residue after removal and can serve many purposes from large branding displays to small souvenirs.

Can I customize my magnets?

Of course you can. We take orders for magnets of different sizes, shapes and designs. You can create your sign with our free design tool by adding images, texts and graphics to your magnet sign design. You can also modify any of our ready-made templates by changing or adding texts, elements and background. Feel free to create any design that comes to mind and contact us to make sure you get the exact magnet print you had in mind.

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