Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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For Lease Signs

Get functional and durable For Lease signs. The product is weather-resistant, customizable and will last over 3 years outdoors.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

For Lease Signs

Do you have a property to lease? Our striking lease signs will ensure maximum exposure and help you reach potential lessees.

These displays are durable and resistant to different weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor promotional campaigns. They’re made of high-quality coroplast so these For Lease signs are just as lightweight and portable as most yard signs

Draw crowds your way by displaying a personalized lease sign on the lawn or next to the apartment for rent. Choose For Lease signs that have an optimal shape and size for the target location. Include contact details such as your agency name and phone number just like you would on Open House Signs. In case you’re putting a property up for sale, check out our real estate signs.

Order products from Square Signs and enjoy shipping all across the USA and Canada with free ground shipping within the contiguous US for orders under 36" and over $85.


Discount Chart for Leasing Signs

Purchase two or more of the same product to get discounted rates. The prices listed in the chart correspond to standard-cut 24”x18” displays without additional features.

Number of Pieces 

Discount Rate 

Price of Each 

Total Price

2 pcs

10% OFF

$16.8 $18.67

$33.6 $37.34

10 pcs

35% OFF

$12.14 $18.67

$121.4 $186.7

20 pcs

40% OFF

$11.2 $18.67

$224 $373.4

30 pcs

50% OFF

$9.34 $18.67

$280.2 $560.1

50 pcs

60% OFF

$7.47 $18.67

$373.5 $933.5

100 pcs

70% OFF

$5.6 $18.67

$560 $1,867


For Lease Signs by Usage

Whether you place your leasing sign on the side of a busy street or on private property, it will garner attention from all passersby. Corrugated plastic signs with vivid graphics and relevant information displayed on them will serve as perfect advertising media

House or Apartment Leasing Signs

apartment leasing sign with contact phone number

A tailor-made For Lease sign is the best way to attract potential tenants. If you have an apartment for rent, eye-catching apartment leasing signs will spread the word in your neighborhood. Consider a For Lease sign shaped like a house to give people a visual surprise and pique their curiosity.

Commercial For Lease Signs 

directional For Lease sign in blue

Rent out the vacant room at your commercial property quickly with the help of a striking For Lease sign. Our premium quality commercial For Lease signs will capture the attention of potential lessees. Ensure visibility from both sides of the road by choosing the double-sided printing option.

Office Space For Lease Signs

Office Space For Lease sign with the company's logo

Show that you have an extra room available by placing a leasing sign right in front of your building. Add details like the floor it’s on and the monthly price along with contact information to get noticed by the right audience.

Warehouse For Lease Signs

Warehouse For Lease sign in red and blue

Let people know that you’re offering a storage space for rent with a large and professionally made For Lease sign. Customize the thematic templates we offer or upload your personal design to create one-of-a-kind displays.

Car For Lease Signs

Car For Lease sign with contact phone number

Are you a car rental that offers competitive rates and unique cars for rent? Get tailor-made graphics to let people know about the promotions you’re running. Display cool shapes and graphics along with contact information for people to reach you.


Main Features of For Lease Signs

Check out the technical specifications of the product to see what makes them perfect for your advertising campaigns. 

Lease Signs Material

For Lease signs are made of a lightweight and durable plastic material called coroplast or fluted polypropylene. They’re water-proof and weather-resistant which makes them suitable for outdoor use. The display comes in a default white that’s fully customizable.

Lease Sign Printing

We offer single-sided as well as double-sided printing for the medium. We use UV-cured inks to ensure vibrant colors that last without fading under different weather conditions. 


If you intend to place the product in front of a wall, fence or in any location where one face will be blocked from view, the single-sided printing option will be sufficient.


If an open area is your target location, double-sided printing is the best option. Graphics on both sides of commercial For Lease signs will double your exposure. 


For Lease Signs by Shape

Our products are available in custom shapes and sizes. Choose the one that meets your needs and displays your message with style.

Square / Rectangle Cut

The displays are cut in a square or rectangular shape with sharp 90 degree corners. 

Outline Cut

Get your product cut in the exact shape of your design for striking effect.

Overline Cut

The cut will be in the shape of your design with a thin border running around it.


Lease Signs by Mounting

We offer different installation options and accessories for displaying your product. 


H stakes are two-legged aluminum stakes that get inserted into the ground for a secure display under normal weather conditions. We offer H stakes in two sizes: 10”x15” and 10”x30”. Choose the one best suited for your needs.

Spider Stakes

Spider stakes have a stylish look with only one leg that gets inserted into the ground. They’re extremely sturdy thanks to a stabilization peg on the base of the stake. Our spider stakes measure 8”x26” in size.

Zip Ties

Zip ties work well for hanging up your displays. Order your apartment leasing signs with grommets and pass zip ties through for a secure fix on any applicable surface. 


Comparison Chart of For Lease Signs and Similar Products

Take a look at the chart below for specifications of products with similar applications. They’re manufactured using materials with varying strengths and benefits.


For Lease Signs

Mesh Banners

Reflective Aluminum Signs

PVC signs



Mesh Fabric



Min. size





Max. size









0.125", 0.25", 0.5"


Single-sided, double-sided


Single-sided, double-sided

Single-sided, double-sided


For Lease Signs FAQ

What are the installation options for this sign?

For Lease signs can be mounted using several installation accessories. You can order them with H stakes or spider stakes for the ground or grommets and zip ties for hanging. Find detailed instructions in our installation section.

What is the lifespan of a For Lease sign?

The products are made of coroplast, a type of fluted plastic that’s light and durable. The medium will last for more than three years under normal weather conditions. 

Where can I get my For Lease sign shipped?

All our products, including For Lease signs, can be shipped across the US and Canada. We offer free ground shipping within the contiguous US on orders over $85 as long as the items are under 36” in size.