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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Feather Flags

Use trendy, unique and durable feather flags to attract the attention of passersby with vibrant colors and texts.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Feather Flags

Custom feather flags are feather-angled marketing tools ideal for promotional campaigns in both indoor and outdoor settings. The product is available in four standard sizes with single and two-sided printing options. Order personalized feather signs from Square Signs and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep wherever you reside within the US and Canada. 

Just like our rectangle flags and teardrop flags, feather banners are catchy constructions that easily draw attention thanks to their elegant shape and vivid visuals.

Feather Banners for Different Uses

Customized feather flags are among the most effective advertising tools for business promotions, sporting events and marketing purposes. Find popular applications for feather banners below.

Promotional Feather Flags

Promotional feather banners with fitness graphics installed with cross bases

Are you seeking original ways to highlight your business or capture people’s attention? Customized feather flags will get the job done with a fluttering look even on a windless day. From elegantly showcased logos to real estate advertisements, feather signs are ideal for long-term use. Feather flags are easy to apply in a wide range of settings thanks to their sturdy support structures.

Informative Feather Flag Signs

24 Hours Open feather flag with green graphics in a large size

Design a feather flag with informative messages and put it up in busy areas to vie for attention. The good news about custom feather banners is that they last well even in the rain. Our dye-sublimated inks prevent the visuals from fading even when you wash them.

Econo feather flags are an alternative product perfect for outdoor use. Its curved edge will flutter in a bit of windy weather to capture glances from all around. Your message will wave in the wind with these uniquely shaped constructions, producing an inspiring sight.

Custom Feather Flag Design

Get creative with our sign design tool and design a feather flag with personalized content. You can use our platform to choose the product size and create visuals from scratch. Our collection of backgrounds, fonts and icons will help you create a striking design for your custom feather flag. 

Are you searching for professional samples to kickstart your project? Take a look through our modifiable sign templates. Restyle your feather flag template to personalize your favorite design and get your product in minutes.

Main Features of Custom Feather Flags

Explore the characteristics of custom feather flags to make an informed purchase. All the technical details of our feather signs are included below.

Material of Feather Flag Banners

The product is composed of a face material and installation hardware. The feather banner is a thin polyester flag known for its softness and versatility. The hardware, also called a pole set, includes aluminum bars, a ground stake (or other bottom constructions) and accessories for final fixation. For shipment, feather flags are broken down into pieces and packed in a travel box or a carrying bag. 

We manufacture custom feather flags in four different sizes shown below. Feather signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They last a minimum of two years when used in moderate weather conditions.

Feather Flag Printing Options

Colorful feather flags printed with single-sided and double-sided options

We use a dye sublimation printing method to create full-color custom feather flags. With this technology, inks are penetrated into the polyester face material rather than applied onto it. The feather banner gets a glare-free finish with vibrant colors. You can order both single-sided and double sided options on our website. 

Single-Sided Feather Flags

Visuals appear only on one side of feather banners. With this technique, the images will be lightly visible from the opposite side.

Reverse-Sided Feather Flags

This method is the same as single-sided but with a mirror printed image so you can place two flags on opposite sides featuring the same design.

Double-Sided Feather Flags

The option creates custom feather banners with visuals on both sides. Your message will be visible from both sides to capture many viewers.

Sizes for Feather Banners

Our feather banners come in four sizes with their corresponding heights when paired with hardware. Find the options in the chart below.


Feather Flags

Feather Flags With Pole Sets






9 ft.




10.5 ft.




14 ft.




18 ft.

Setup Options for Feather Signs 

Small to large feather banners in purple with different base options

Our custom feather flags with pole sets are delivered in dismantled pieces packed in a travel bag. To install the feather flags, you need to connect the 4 piece rods together, put up the hardware with the base that you’ve chosen and slip the face over the stand.

We offer multiple stabilizing structures to ensure that your customized feather flag won’t fall over regardless of setting or weather conditions.

Ground Stake

Ground stakes are the most suitable tools for setting up feather banners in outdoor settings. It allows you to stick your feather sign deep into the soil and use it even in stormy weather. A ground stake is a heavy metal piece that can anchor small to large feather flags firmly into the ground.

Square Base

A square-sized foundation piece is an ideal solution to put up custom feather flags on flat interior and exterior flooring. This tool is weighted so that it can support the custom feather flag even in windy weather.

Cross Base

Four-legged metal cross bottom structures are applicable for small and medium-sized feather banners that will be displayed indoors. The tool is lightweight and allows you to reposition the feather flag whenever and wherever needed.

Cross Base + Water Bag

Cross stabilizing structures with an extra load for support can be a perfect solution for feather flags set up indoors or outdoors. Get a specially made bag with the bottom piece, fill it with water and put it over the cross base. The liquid will increase the weight of the feather sign and support it on flat flooring.

Visit our installation page to learn step-by-step instructions for setting up your customized feather flag.

Comparison Chart of Feather Flags and Similar Products

Explore the chart below that compares custom feather flags to similar products. The pricing corresponds to products with default options and without additional options and installation tools.


Feather Flags

Custom Vinyl Banners

Fabric Banners

Retractable Banners

Tension Fabric Stands

X-Stand Banners


23.5”x78.5”, 24”x104”, 28”x138”, 24”x183.5”

11”x12” - 120”x1,680”

12”x12” - 115”x1,680”

24”x77”, 33”x77”,


38”x91”, 50.5”x91”

24”x63”, 32”x72”






$8.61 - $2,161.75 

$24.99 - $4,981.99

$104.75, $116.5, $310.94 



$82.25, $98.58


Single-sided, reverse-sided,double-sided



Single-sided, double-sided

Single-sided, double-sided


Lifespan (Indoors / Outdoors):

N/A / 2+ years

5+ / 3+ years

10+ / 2+ years

15+ / 5+ years

4+ years / N/A

10+ / 3+ years

Feather Flags FAQ

What are feather flags?

Feather flags are transportable marketing products with a uniquely curved edge that makes them stand out. They’re applicable for both interior and exterior use. The tool comes with a polyester face material for displaying messages from one or both sides. It comes with your choice of stabilizing hardware so you can put up the feather signs in various settings.

Where can I use my customized feather flags?

Get feather signs for promotional, informative and decorative purposes. They’re handy to use during expos, sporting competitions, big sales and public events. Custom feather flags with pole and weight mechanisms are durable and versatile. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Do you offer ready-made visuals for custom feather banners?

Yes. We provide a big collection of feather flag template designs. The images are modifiable. You can restyle them by changing their colors, texts, icons and illustrations. You can also upload files or make your own feather flag visuals from scratch.

How to set up a feather flag?

You’ll receive the hardware and the face of your feather sign neatly packed in a carrying bag. Take out the items from the bag, set up the post construction, slip the main rod into the pocket of the face material and reinforce it with the provided accessories. For in-depth instructions, you can take a look at our installation guide for feather banners.

Will my feather banner get blown away by wind?

Strong winds can easily bend or break your feather banner regardless of how well you fix it to the ground. We advise you to take down your feather sign until the wind calms or reinstall it in a more secure place.

How long can my feather signs serve outdoors?

Depending on weather conditions, feather banners can last more than two years if you maintain them properly. Avoid exposure to strong winds, heavy rain and direct sunlight to preserve the vibrancy of the feather flag face and avoid damage to the structure.

Can I order feather flag banners without installation tools?

Yes, you can. Feel free to get the face of the feather flag alone but please remember that we don’t provide the installation hardware separately. To get the structure and tools required for set up, you’ll have to purchase the entire product.

Can I have visuals printed on both sides of my custom feather flags?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that the face of feather flag banners is thin so the colors may be noticeable from the opposite side when placed under a direct source of light. If you want to order custom double sided feather flags, make sure to request the same visuals for both sides to prevent dark and light colors from blending together and affecting your content.

What is a water bag and when do I need to utilize it?

It’s a plastic bag that’s filled with liquid and placed over the bottom construction of the feather flag signs. It’s used to provide a heavy load and weigh the product down to keep it from tipping over. The accessory is necessary if your custom feather flags are likely to be exposed to windy weather.

How to keep my custom feather flags in good condition?

Regularly wipe the metal and ground pieces of your feather flags with a damp towel to keep them clean from dirt and dust. Hand wash the face material in cold water without using chemical-based detergents. Don’t wring or iron the feather banner face. Hang it to air dry. You may reuse it or store it later.

Where can I store my feather banner?

Pack the pieces of your custom feather flag in the travel case and keep it in a dry, cool place. To store, dismantle the feather flag into pieces, clean the hardware, then wash and dry the face material. Organize the items into the portable bag properly so that the metal rods don’t puncture or tear the soft material of the graphics.

Where do you ship your feather signs?

Our feather banners can be shipped to any location within the US and Canada. Order your custom feather flag online and get it quickly delivered to your doorstep.