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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Econo Feather Flags


Stylish, functional and distinguished econo flag sets offer an original way to send a message to your audience.
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Econo Feather Flags

Econo feather flags are popular advertising tools used outdoors to spread promotional and informative messages. The construction, which is firmly set into the ground with a stake, measures 16 feet in total. The product showcases vibrant visuals.

An econo feather flag is a budget-friendly and popular option from our feather flags product category. It features a free-flying edge that sways in the breeze and grabs attention from every direction. Personalize your econo flag with Square Signs and get it delivered to any location within the USA and Canada.

Econo flags are similar to rectangle flags and teardrop flags. They have a distinct design to make messages more captivating as they flutter in the wind.

Popular Econo Feather Flag Uses

Green Life econo feather flag in green and black set up in the garden

Econo feather flags have popular uses you can explore below.

Advertising Econo Flags

Use a uniquely shaped econo feather flag with personalized images to highlight your message at various promotional events. An econo flag set is ideal for sporting events, trade shows and seasonal sales. Create personalized illustrations with our user-friendly sign design tool.

Informative Econo Flags

Turn heads from a distance with an informative econo feather flag. For stronger effect, put up several constructions with the same visuals along busy streets to attract drivers and passersby. Our collection of thematic sign templates are at your disposal with modifiable elements that will distinguish your econo flag.

Main Features of Econo Flags

Read on to find all the technical details about econo feather flag constructions.

Material and Printing of Econo Feather Flags

An econo feather flag comes with a woven polyester face for illustrations and weighted metal hardware for the setup. The pieces are delivered neatly packed into a travel case. Thanks to the durable post and ground stake, econo feather flags are firmly fixed into the soil. The final econo flag has a slightly curved design with an open, free-flying edge. The material flutters in the wind without wrapping around the pole and obscuring the images.

For the face material, we implement dye sublimation printing which sends colors into the fabric for better absorption as opposed to solely covering the surface. We provide only single-sided printing for an econo feather flag.

Econo Feather Flag Setup

Outdoor econo feather flag installation steps

You’ll receive your econo feather flag dismantled and packed into a travel bag. To set up the econo feather flag, you’ll need to assemble the pole set, attach it to the ground stake, slip the face cover over the construction and hammer the post into the soil.

Read the step-by-step instructions on our installation page to install your econo feather flag in minutes.

Comparison Chart of Econo Flags to Similar Products

Take a look at the chart below to find products similar to our econo feather flags. The price list corresponds to products with default options.


Econo Feather Flags

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11”x12” - 120”x1,680”

12”x12” - 115”x1,680”

24”x63”, 32”x72”

24”x77”, 33”x77”, 60”x88”

38”x91”, 50.5”x91”



$12.30 - $3,088.21

$24.99 - $4,981.99

$82.25, $98.58

$104.75, $144.50,


$254.08, $309.29

Econo Feather Flag FAQ

How long can I use my econo feather flag?

An econo feather flag lasts at least two years with proper maintenance. To extend its lifespan, keep the product away from direct sunlight and strong winds.

Is the econo feather flag fire resistant?

The polyester face of the product is slow to ignite but will melt when in direct or close contact with fire. Keep the product away from flames and extreme heat to prevent damage and hazards.

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