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Canvas PrintsCanvas Prints
Mother _ daughter canvas printMother _ daughter canvas print
Multiple canvas printsMultiple canvas prints
Sea canvas printSea canvas print
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Canvas Prints
Canvas PrintsCanvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Turn your photos into professional wall art and celebrate all your memorable moments in style

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Custom Canvas Prints

Add a designer look to your apartment by decorating it with dazzling custom canvas prints.

Personalized canvas photo prints are a great solution to spice up the drab walls in your home or workplace. Square Signs offers state-of-the-art canvas prints online. We deliver across the USA and Canada with free ground shipping within the contuguous US on qualified orders over $85 and under 36" in size. Canvas is a durable and long-lasting material. Because of this, any graphics you decide to print on canvas (personal photos, corporate artwork, etc.) retain their fresh look for many years. We offer the following types of canvas picture prints: canvas collage, multi panel canvas prints, portrait canvas, landscape canvas, canvas with grommets, and canvas with pole pockets.

Display gorgeous scenes on landscape canvas prints or get portrait canvas prints with photos of your family members. If you want something more unique, you can order the popular canvas wall clusters or collage canvas prints to elevate your interior design. You can also make canvas wall art by printing the photographs that you've snapped and make your personal space a beautiful photo gallery. Turn your precious moments into art and surround yourself with happy memories by printing them on canvas.

Introduce an artistic feel to any room in your house with museum standard printed canvases. You can decide to go with a more aesthetic design and have it mirror wrapped. In essence, mirror wrap is a canvas-stretching technique where the image is mirrored onto the edges of the canvas for a stylized look.

Wall custom canvas prints are also great gifts! Surprise your friends and relatives by giving them canvas photo prints with their personal photos. Our picture to canvas photo prints are covered with high-quality UV inks, which are sun and fade resistant. You can choose from the following three types of canvas print edges: black, white and mirrored edge.

Custom canvas arts are built to last; with proper care, canvas signs can last more than 60 years. Create your own canvas print online with our free design tool. Upload your own pics or artwork, or use one of our changeable templates.

Features of Canvas Prints

  • Museum-quality printing, perfect for interior decor
  • Available in various sizes
  • Long-lasting - up to 60 years with proper care
  • Looks similar to real painting
  • Full-color printing
  • Sun resistant due to UV printing


The material is a plastic or cotton-based canvas that comes in rolls, making it a breeze to order canvas printing in custom sizes. Stock, the material comes in a satin white color which can be covered with graphics of any color.


Our cutting-edge printing technologies provide full-color printing on canvases. With our color-match printing, you can get canvas photo prints in any color scheme and rest assured that it will match your expectations. We use a special UV curing printing system. During the process of printing, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays, which turn the printing sun resistant. Your custom canvas prints will stay vibrant with vivid colors for decades.

Types of Canvas Prints

With our online printing platform, we offer the following types of canvas picture prints:

Canvas collage

This is a stunning option to display multiple images on one canvas print. Choose two or more images and position them in a collage that will be printed on one piece of canvas. Collage canvas is perfect for displaying your family images in one piece. You can also create photo collage canvases to give away as gifts to your loved ones.

Multi panel canvas prints

Add contrast between the walls in your home and office by turning one into a feature wall with split canvas prints. With multi panel canvas prints, one image is spread across two or more canvases. The most popular types are 5 piece canvas art and 3 panel canvas art. You can also choose the diptych option, which is a split canvas print consisting of two pieces.

Portrait canvas

Usually, portrait refers to an image of a person printed on canvas - but here you can get any image printed on portrait canvas. Portrait canvas means that the height of the canvas is greater than the width- unlike the landscape canvas which is the opposite. Display the portraits of your loved ones to always have them with you, or get a glamorous pop-art printing on portrait canvas.

Landscape canvas

Get eye-popping decorative pictures of famous pieces from photographers or artists printed on landscape canvas to enliven any interior. Large panoramic custom canvas prints can stretch across your entire wall and create a stunning conversation piece. To create a relaxing atmosphere, you can purchase landscape canvases displaying breathtaking sunsets or scenes from nature.

Canvas with grommets

Instead of getting framed canvas, you can order custom size canvas prints with grommets. These are metallic rings attached to each corner of the canvas which are used for installing the custom photo canvas with hanging accessories.

Canvas with pole pockets

Another option is a canvas print with a pole pocket on top. This way you can install the canvas via a pole or rope. This option is great for storing the canvas since you can easily fold it or roll it up and keep it for later use.

Canvas Wrap options

You can choose the wrapping option that fits best with the artwork. We offer three types of frame design - mirrored, black, and white.


With this option, you can get your design printed edge-to-edge. The borders of the artwork are copied to the edges of the frame creating an effect of a mirrored image.


The edges of the canvas will be printed black. This creates an intense color contrast with the design.


With this wrap option, the edges are printed white. The white edges intensify the printed image and blends in with white walls.


Our printed canvases are wrapped on hand-made wooden frames, which come in the following thicknesses:

Canvas Frame 0.75”

This option is for thinner canvases that can blend into the wall. Still, these canvases provide that pop-out look.

Canvas frame 1.5”

For a bolder look, 1.5” thick frames are the best choice. These are perfect for mirrored edges, as there is enough space to display the mirrored graphics.



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What is a canvas print?

Canvas is a cotton or plastic-based material widely used in painting and printing. Canvas photo prints are used in interior design and bring a warm, elegant touch to the space where they are displayed. You can have stock photos printed on canvas or choose from your favorite artworks. 

Canvas prints with personal photos are another popular option. You can have a photo from your favorite trip or memorable moments from everyday life printed on canvas so that every day you’ll be reminded of your happiest times.

Canvas gives the printing a painted effect, quite close to original artwork. We are the number one custom canvas printing company across the USA and Canada. Order your canvas art now and we’ll ship it free within the contiguous US if the item is over $85 and under 36" in size.We are the number one custom canvas printing company across the USA and Canada. Order your canvas art now and we’ll ship it the next day!

Where to use a canvas print?

Custom canvas prints are perfect for interior decoration and can serve as a stylish part of the design. You can use canvas to decorate the walls of your home or office, or have your photos printed on canvas for exhibitions or personal use.

Canvas photo prints are also a great choice for presents. A family photo of a friend printed on canvas will be an unexpected and touching gift.

How to install canvas signs?

Canvas prints can be installed in multiple ways. For framed canvas prints we offer various wall-mounting accessories. Canvas photo prints without frames can be installed via grommets or pole pockets. Find more information in our installation section.

How to maintain canvas prints?

To keep the fresh, first-day look of your canvas print you will need to clean it from time to time. The best way to do it is by taking the dust off with a soft, dry lint-free cloth. For deeper cleaning, you can use the same technique with some soapy water by gently rubbing the dirty areas. For even longer lasting use, keep your canvas away from direct sunlight. Long exposure to sunlight can harm your canvas and affect the vividness of the colors.

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