Have a dog? Need to let your neighbors and the mailman know that dog is there - especially if it might bite? Use our templates to create your ideal sign, whether it’s a serious or humorous one. Whether you’re celebrating your furry friend or warning others about them, we’ll help you design the signage you want.


Solid white or black backgrounds are fine for some people, but you’re looking for something that will actually catch peoples’ eyes. Choose from our diverse array of colorful designed backgrounds to make your sign really pop. These can be used for just about any occasion, and are a good choice if you want your sign to stand out or fit a particular design motif.

Business / Warehouse

Signage is absolutely crucial to any business. Good signage conveys legitimacy, professionalism and quality. And in most cases, your signage might be the only thing anyone knows about your business. It’s your first impression, and you want to make sure it’s perfect.Get one of our high-quality signs for your business, and design it to your exact specifications. You can work from one of our templates for a quick solution, but if you don’t see something you want here, no problem. Talk to us, and we’ll design a custom sign for you, with the exact shape, size, material and content you want.


There are plenty of things to celebrate or advertise in education. Fundraisers, PTA meetings, parties, even graduations are worthy of high-quality signage. Whether you’re a parent, student, teacher or administrator, we’re ready to work with you to create the perfect signage for whatever your needs are. Use our templates, or talk to us and we’ll help you design a custom sign for whatever your occasion is.


Whatever your event is, it’s not going to be much of an event without people. Weddings, birthday parties, company picnics, whatever you have, you need to get people there. Square Signs will design your ideal event sign to advertise your event, or show your guests the way. As with all our signs, you can pick from one of our templates or work with us to design one custom.


A lot of events take place around holidays, and Square Signs has signs to fit every occasion from Christmas to Halloween to Yom Kippur. If we don’t have a template for the holiday you celebrate,, let us know. We’ll make it, however you want it, even if you invented your own holiday.

Home/ Family

There are lots of signs that can be useful around the home and yard. Whether you’re welcoming people to your home, or making sure they stay out of it, we have the sign for you. Even if you’re just looking to a fancy way to display your house number, we’ve got you covered.


Want to show your support for our troops? Welcoming your loved one back from a successful deployment overseas? Square Signs will help you stand in solidarity with our men and women in uniform, whether they’re friends, family, or just soliders you want to support out of principle.


Whether you’re supporting a candidate for President, School Board, or dog catcher, you can create a sign to show your support. Yard signs are some of the most common political signs, but we also offer banners, window decals, car magnets, and any other type of sign you think would suit your needs. Whether you’re a campaign manager, a supporter, or a grassroots activist, we are ready to design, create, and manufacture the perfect political signage for your candidate.

Real Estate

We’ve all seen the signs. For Sale. For Rent. For Lease. Open House. Real Estate signs are as common as the properties they advertise. And because they’re so common, they tend to blend into the background. Don’t let your real estate sign go ignored, design a truly unique, eye-catching sign that draws attention to your property. Start right here and we’ll help you design it, whether you work from a template or start from scratch.


There are a number of situations in which your church, mosque, or synagogue may need signage. Perhaps you’re advertising a special church function, like a barbecue. Maybe you need to advertise a special holiday service. Perhaps you’re looking for bookmarks or flyers to distribute to spread the word. Or maybe you’re welcoming home a friend, family member, or fellow member returning from a mission trip. Whatever your circumstance, we will create a sign in the size, shape and overall design you need.


One of the most important things to use signs for is to keep people safe. Warning people of potentially dangerous circumstances is important, since it’s unlikely you’re going to have someone standing around telling people to watch out. Whether you’re letting someone know about hazardous conditions or just telling them which way to go, signs for safety absolutely cannot be ignored. Make sure you keep people in your facility safe and secure by designing signs that get noticed and inform them of what’s ahead.


Signs belong all over the place in sporting events. On the field, on the scoreboard, in front of the bleachers, in the locker room, or held up in the stands, you can find signs anywhere. And with sports signs, the more unique and creative the sign, the better. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to exercise your creativity and make a truly unique sign. Put us to the test - we’ll help you make a sign that will catch the attention of the hundreds or thousands of people at the event.


Short of a traffic cop, the only way to direct vehicles is with signage. It’s important to make your signage as clear and unmistakable as possible. Parking signs, directions, navigation or instructional signs are all covered, and can all be designed to your specifications. Choose the size, color, material, and style of your sign, and make sure everybody knows exactly where they need to go.


A warehouse can deal with lots of different kinds of materials. Some of those materials are potentially hazardous, and it’s important that they be labelled as such. That’s what these signs are for. We have labels for chemicals and biohazardous materials, high voltage areas or equipment, and even radioactivity. Whatever your warehouse handles, we have a selection of signs to keep your workspace safe and properly labelled.

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