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Jessica Goldsworthy July 17, 2020 • 8 min read
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Do you need to direct more foot traffic towards your business location? You certainly do! These 20 useful and clever sandwich board ideas are meant to help your business thrive.

I have gathered sandwich board sign ideas for restaurants, bars and salons that no one will be able to resist. I’ll also share some humorous ideas to address regulations related to COVID-19 so you can lighten up the mood for your customers.

These sandwich board signs will inspire you to create signage for any kind of business. Let’s get into it!

Funny Sandwich Board Signs for Restaurants and Bars

Bars and restaurants are considered the most popular spheres for using this advertising method. These ideas will help you increase the number of your customers easily and well on a budget.

Funny Restaurant Sidewalk Sign Ideas

Here are a handful of sandwich board examples with funny quotes for your restaurant!

Idea 1. Be Honest With Your Customers

Honest quotes capture attention, especially when you add humor to them. There is a good chance that most of the people passing by are hungry. They all surely know that you earn money when they come inside and buy from you. This honest sign will make people smile and use their weakness for mutual benefit.

Eat Here Or We Both Starve funny sidewalk sign

Idea 2. Explain the Advantages of Coming In

With people getting busier by the day, the appreciation of ready-made food is constantly on the rise. This is a point you can build your sandwich board message around. Here is a hilarious example you can customize by changing the entree around. Just exchange the word “sandwich” with the name of your main dish… don’t worry, no one’s gonna know where “chicken parmesan” lives either.

Don't Hunt for Food funny sandwich board idea

Idea 3. Tell Bypassers They'll Regret Not Coming In

We love eating. We also love thinking about eating. Make passersby think about the tasty food served at your restaurant with thought-provoking and funny restaurant sidewalk signs. Here is an example:

outdoor restaurant funny board with a food quote

Idea 4. Create a Personal Bond

Human connection is often the key to building trust and lasting relations. Personalize your sign with a pic of your chef or any other member of your team. People will be surprised to see that the person in the picture actually works at the restaurant. It’s an endearing gesture and sure to warm up hearts around a warm meal. Add a personable quote from your chef and this will make for a unique welcome to your restaurant.

outdoor restaurant sandwich board idea with the Chef image and quote

Idea 5. Remind People of COVID-19 Rules With Humor

We are all tired of constant reminders about the rules and guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, it’s your duty to do so as a restaurant owner. Prompt your customers to maintain a social distance during the pandemic with a comedic touch to stay on their good (and healthy) side.

funny and clever Covid-19 sandwich board quote

If you need more signs related to COVID-19, read the article 10 Safety Signs for Preventing Coronavirus.

Have you already chosen the best one from the above sandwich board examples for your restaurant? Use our free sign design tool to customize and order your sign online without a hitch.

Still need ideas? Read on for more funny sandwich board signs for bars!

Entertainment Bar Sandwich Board Ideas

Just like restaurants, bars can benefit a lot from this type of local advertisement. Here are some funny bar sandwich boards you should absolutely utilize.

Idea 6. Highlight Daily Specials Even If They’re on the Menu

You don’t always need to have a new daily special to entice customers. Creative bar sandwich boards like this one will grab the attention of passersby and lure them in to try your classic dishes.

funny bar sandwich board message

Idea 7. Customize Famous Quotes

Playing with words is always a good idea when creating funny sandwich board quotes․ There are endless options as long as you let your creative freedom reign. A famous quote customized to fit your niche makes for the ideal outdoor advertisement.

Don't Worry Beer Happy funny sandwich board design

Idea 8. Let People Know You Can Solve Their Problems

Wine is the right answer to all questions. This bright idea is likewise the answer to what makes an outdoor bar advertisement great. Customers will appreciate a sense of humor and feel welcome to ease their burdens with a glass and a dance.

Wine Is The Answer funny bar sandwich board

Idea 9. Grab Attention With(out) Special Offers

You can’t always afford to give away free stuff. You can, however, afford this tricky outdoor advertising technique. Change the word “wine” and the pricing and this idea will work for any kind of business.

clever bar front message on board

Idea 10. Display Your Business Hours in a Comical Way

Every business out there has a sign showcasing its operating hours. Make yours different with a funny board.

we are open - business hours board

Idea 11. Let Customers Know You Are Always There for Them

Here is a creative idea that everyone will relate to. As long as people can empathize with your message, they’ll make sure to come in and have a drink. Welcome your customers with the best sandwich board quotes and they’ll be back for more.

bar sidewalk sign idea with a humorous quote

This was my collection of funny bar sandwich boards for bars and restaurants to help you win over customers. With these ideas and the best sandwich board quotes, your business will soon be at the height of its success. Use one of our sandwich board templates or create from scratch to order your sandwich board online. Let’s move along!

Beauty salons and barbershops have suffered dramatically from the restrictions connected to COVID-19. Read on for amusing salon sandwich board ideas to direct traffic back into your salon. Your business needs this after the total lockdown!

Clever Barbershop/Beauty Salon Sandwich Board Ideas

Yet another type of business that can make the most of outdoor promotions is the hair and beauty shop. People can start identifying your salon with cool sayings if you choose the right ones. They’ll also tell others about your witty sandwich board quotes. The range of your customers will expand as word gets around town. Here are some ideas to help kickstart your fame.

Idea 12. Show Where True Beauty Comes From

True beauty comes from inside…but inside what, exactly? Let people know where true beauty comes from with this fun idea! Be ready for some objections though as not everyone will agree with you. You’ll surely get the attention of passersby and drive traffic in though! This is the goal, after all.

Beauty Comes From Inside The Salon funny sidewalk sign idea

Idea 13. Help People Make Decisions

Changing your hairstyle is not an easy matter but you have confidence that your expert team will achieve wonders, right? Your sign could be a sign for them to decide! Make people laugh and help them make a choice at the same time with this witty quote!

persuasive salon sandwich board message

Idea 14. Address Pain Points With Humor

There is one thing you can do just perfectly and that’s nail-art (or is it hairstyling)? Let people know about your superpowers with this hilarious advertisement idea for salons.

witty nail salon sidewalk board idea

Idea 15. Ease the Tension Around COVID-19 Regulations

Keeping the rules to curb the pandemic is essential at salons just like anywhere else. Clever sandwich boards will help you remind people about them and make them smile at the same time.

Please Wear A Mask And Clothes Inside funny funny salon sandwich board design idea

Idea 16. Get Inspired by Famous Quotes

This one is a Coco Chanel inspired idea. She said, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life." Sometimes people need a change in their life and a haircut is a good starting step. Invite them in for a life changing hairdo!

Therapy Is Expensive Get A Haircut salon sandwich board sign idea

Idea 17. Use Concepts Everyone Loves

People do selfies but you’re the one who does their hair so they can look great in their selfies. Showcase this win-win situation with funny sandwich board sayings like the one in our example below.

Your Hair Is Your Selfie clever salon board message

Idea 18. Remind People That Change is Good

Here is one more example of how you can make people think of changing their appearance (and life) with clever sandwich boards. People will relate to the message of your sign and eagerly come to you when they need a salon.

outdoor salon sandwich board idea

Idea 19. Mention Your Business Hours Without Mentioning Your Business Hours

If you don’t have regular working hours, then this funny idea is just for you! It can work both as an “open” notice and as a means to capture the attention of passersby.

funny open hours sandwich board sign idea

Idea 20. Let People Know You Are Open After the Lockdown

Most of the economic restrictions have been lifted but there is still a mess around which businesses are open and when. Let your customers know they can pay you a visit with funny sandwich board saying: “We’re open until the next lockdown.”

We're Open funny salon sandwich board

These examples are not meant only for restaurants, bars and salons. By changing a word or two, you can customize these sandwich board sign ideas according to your business needs and requirements.

Use our free sign design tool to create your sandwich board based on one of our templates. You can also upload an original image or use the designer-made elements offered in the tool to enhance existing ones. We have created a tutorial video to help you kickstart your signs online.