Where and How to Use a Fabric Banner

There’s just something special about a sign that billows in the wind. Aluminum signs and acrylic signs are great, and they have their place, but fabric banners are special thanks to their versatility.

Our fabric banners are printed on polyester fabric which is washable and wrinkle free. Fabric banners are great options for indoor signage displays, and with proper care, they can last up to about a year.

Fabric banners can come with pole pockets or grommets, making them easy to install using poles, zip ties, ropes, bungee cords, or curtain rods. To care for your banner, simply machine wash and hang dry your banner when it needs a cleaning.

When storing your fabric banner, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place. Be sure that your banner is completely dry you store it to prevent mold and mildew growth.

But never mind the specifics, how can you actually use these things? Here are a few suggestions.


Surely you’ve seen a championship banner hanging from the rafters in a gymnasium or arena. Chances are, you’re looking at a fabric banner right there.

Of course, you’re probably not going to be in charge of ordering the banner for the next Super Bowl champion, but any middle school team anywhere in the country is going to want to track and honor its accomplishments.

Alternatively, maybe you don’t need a banner for your professional team. Maybe you just want one for your man cave at home. We can arrange that, as well.

For the Home

You can do more with banners in your house than just sports banners. Decorative banners can be used throughout the house for a special flair.

Fabric banners in the home often get used decoratively exactly like tapestries. But buying a tapestry for your home can be prohibitively expensive. Square Signs’ fabric banners can be custom-designed and cost a fraction of the price!

Whether you’re looking for a special wall hanging, a unique curtain for your window, or even a fabric headboard for your bed (an increasingly popular trend!), fabric banners have limitless potential in the interior designer’s eye.


While it’s generally a good idea to keep your banner indoors and protected from severe weather and prolonged sun exposure, a little fresh air isn’t such a bad thing. Especially if there are customers out in that fresh air for you to bring in.

Banners are a great, vivid way to catch people’s attention and bring them in. Because they can be hung a variety of ways, you can order a banner to hang by pole pockets in your store’s front window, to be tied up with rope or bungee cords to a fence, or pretty much placed wherever you think the most eyeballs will hit it.

Just be sure to keep it protected. Feel free to drape it outside on a nice day, but bring it in if it looks like rain, and you’ll keep it looking vivid and beautiful for a long time to come.

If you're holding an event outdoors over several days, go for wind and weather-resistant mesh banners.

Special Events

Have a wedding to plan and need some beautiful signage that can also serve as a keepsake after the fact? Fabric banners might be the answer you’re looking for.

Even a simple congratulatory message on a banner can go a long way towards livening up the decor at a reception or party. And once the event is over, the banner can be folded up and kept as a memento of the occasion. If it’s a more general event, you could even re-use it.

Whatever your occasion, whether you’re going for elegant or humorous, Square Signs can help you design a banner that will suit the mood you’re trying to set.