How to Stand Out With Your Sign Customization and Design

When you’re designing a sign, there’s a lot more than goes into it than just putting the name of your business or event on it. The design is important, from color to shape to graphics. A well-designed sign is a difference between being noticed and ignored.

Designing a physical sign isn’t like designing a digital one – size and shape come into play, and cutting a sign into an eye-catching shape can make you stand out far better than a simple rectangular sign with text. Even if you’re just designing a real-estate sign, a well-designed sign can make all the difference. After all, if your property has a physical sign, people in the area have to see it. The more attention it draws, the more attention your property will draw.

But what do you actually need to do to stand out?

#1. Create a Unique Shape

First off, try a unique shape. Square Signs allows you to cut most of our signs into a unique, custom shape, so you can catch people’s attention by putting your sign in the shape of a state, a house, your company logo, or anything else you can think of. People look at plain rectangular signs every single day of their lives.  Give them something new to pay attention to and you’ll be rewarded with more leads from your displays be they acrylic signs, PVC signs, gator board signs or anything else.

#2. Choose the Right Color Combination

The next thing to consider? Color. You may have some colors you need to display on your sign because they represent your business or organization, and that’s fine. But there are undeniable advantages to certain color combinations if you’re flexible. In fact, it is scientifically proven that certain combinations of colors draw more attention than others and elicit different types of reactions.

For instance, a bright, neon yellow color tends to draw a lot of attention, but it is also the harshest, most irritating color on the eyes. As a result, you might draw attention to your sign by using a bright yellow color, but it may simply annoy people who see it, rather than get them interested in your event or company. It’s not enough to just draw attention – you want to draw attention and also evoke a favorable reaction.

In addition, Yellow and Yellow-Orange represent danger or caution. Don’t use them if you’re trying to be welcoming.

Green and blue are calming natural colors. Green is commonly associated with natural or environmental features. Blue is the color of quality and value, which is why many Fortune 500 companies use blue in their logos.

Red and Orange make people nervous and excited and are used frequently in food packaging, as the colors are thought to make people hungry.

In addition, certain combinations of color, like a muted yellow sign with black text, tend to by the easiest to read and the first to stand out. White text on a blue sign also stands out, as does yellow text on a black sign. Keep these combinations in mind if you want to ensure that your sign gets maximum visibility, and remember, Square Signs is here to help you work out your design and customization options for any sign, in any shape, for any reason.