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Jessica Goldsworthy September 25, 2020 • 7 min read
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Halloween is right around the corner so let’s decorate your windows to spice up the mood. Even if you can’t throw a party because of COVID-19, these 12 decoration ideas will bring in the spirit of the holiday. You’ll even find Halloween shop window ideas for your business but be warned - idea 12 could knock your visitors dead!

Make sure to also read the tips I’ll share in the second part of the article to get the most out of these Halloween window decoration ideas.

Creepy Halloween Window Decoration Ideas for a Ghoul Fest

You can’t imagine Halloween without certain characters, symbols and scenes. You can represent them with a unique twist to avoid being cliche. Take a look at these 12 window decals and learn how to decorate a window for Halloween.

Halloween Window Ideas With Imaginative Characters

Imaginative characters from cartoons, movies and stories are always key players on All Hallow’s Eve. Here are a few chilling examples of how you can use them to decorate your windows for trick-or-treaters.

Idea 1. Feature a Silhouette of a Witch

There is no such thing as a Halloween party without witch-themed decor. This one will enchant your windows. Use this timeless image for a supernatural celebration.

Click on the images to use them as templates and create your own decorations. Our free design tool will let you customize size, color, materials and other features.

Halloween black witches window decor

Idea 2. Welcome Guests With Ghosts

A ghost sticker or two will make ghastly greetings for your guests and passersby. Use these stickers on storefront windows to attract more customers and welcome them in with style.

White ghosts cute Halloween window decorations

Idea 3. Use Cute Monster Images

Do you find all of those monsters from movies and cartoons cute or creepy? Either way, they’ll look great featured on your windows. Choose the ones you like most and get them printed on decals. Here is an example of how the scene will look.

halloween window decoration idea with a monster shape

Cool Halloween Window Decorations With Animals

Here are a few must-have window decorations for this Halloween, inspired by animals.

Idea 4. Let a Haunted Cat Guard Your Home

Black cats are cute, even if they are haunted. Use a cat sticker like the one below as if it’s prowling your house at night. Terrify your neighbors and guests but try not to be a scaredy-cat yourself.

Haunted cat cute Halloween window decoration

Idea 5. Cover the Windows With Spider Webs

Give your house a monstrous look by covering the windows with spider webs. The best way to do so is by using adhesives. You can even go with an actual spider-shaped sticker for a more realistic effect. Get them printed and cut on clear vinyl and your windows will be ready for Halloween at the snap of a finger.

spider web Halloween window idea

Idea 6. Make Sure to Include Bats

Make your windows spooktacular with bat-shaped decorations. With the correct lighting, you’ll get a scene straight out of a horror movie. Take a look at what you can do with this featured specimen. Click on the image to use it as a template for your window decorations.

Halloween window decoration with bat shape prints

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Cute Halloween Window Decorations With Themes

There are symbols that say Halloween like pumpkin says spice. The 3 cool ideas coming up need to be on your windows or else.

Idea 7. Light Up Cute Lil’ Lanterns

Jack-O’-Lanterns are everywhere around Halloween time. Yet you can use them without having to carve out a mess by getting them printed on adhesive vinyls instead. Decorate with these cute Halloween window decorations all around the house. When you turn on your lights, the lanterns will smirk at all the trouble-makers passing by.

Jack-O’-Lanterns cute Halloween window decor

Idea 8. Use a Skeleton Silhouette

Skeletons are another symbol of Halloween you can’t be caught dead without. Whether you decide on a funny or scary one, this idea will be sure to make trickster hearts skip a beat or two. Take a look at this example!

skeleton silhouette Halloween window decoration idea

Idea 9. Reflect a Witch’s Broom

Stick a broom-shaped decal on your windows as if the wicked one has just arrived from her long ride. Let your neighbors know that the witch is in town. They won’t be able to lock their windows this Halloween!

The Witch Is In Halloween window decoration

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Halloween Window Decorations to Make Your Business BOOm

Every holiday is an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services. To do it in a creative and effective way, consider using one of the ideas below.

Idea 10. Feature Classic Candy Treats 

Candies are the sweetest part of the festivities. Displaying them as stickers is a colorful Halloween shop window idea. Select different kinds of classic decal candies and stick them to your storefront windows. Make sure to include your special offers and sales as well with vinyl lettering. See how nice it will look in this example!

Halloween Sale shop window idea

Idea 11. Use Traditions to Your Advantage

What’s the favorite activity of all kids on Halloween? Trick or treating, of course! So how can you use this custom to boost your business? Take a look at the picture below to learn the answer.

Trick or Treat funny Halloween shop window decoration

Idea 12. Let People Know About Sales and Special Offers

If you offer services or products, then you definitely need to consider Halloween sales. Of course, you’ll also need to let people know about your specials in a spooky way. Here is an idea that will intrigue passersby to enter and make a purchase - or risk peril.

Halloween sale shop window lettering idea

Halloween Window Ideas With Scary Scenes

There are scenes that remind us of scary tales about Halloween. Feature them on your windows to give your house a mystifying appeal.

Idea 13. Feature a Dark and Dreary Forest

Imagine looking out your window and into a dark forest. You can almost hear owls screech and wolves howl in the distance. It paints a chilling scene for Halloween. Cover your windows with large graphics and play monster sounds on repeat from your computer. The combination will set a spine-chilling mood for the Eve.

Dark forest window decor for Halloween

Idea 14. Include a Witch House of Horrors

Turn on Halloween mode by featuring a witch’s house on your windows. These graphics will do the trick to prepare you for the fest this year. Feel free to include it alongside other ideas mentioned above.

Halloween witch house of horrors window decoration

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Idea 15 Bonus. Since 2020 Has Been a Year-Long Fright Fest

Let’s be honest, what can frighten those of us who have (almost) survived 2020? Show your sense of humor with this widely shared sentiment. Get inspired by this quote to create your own using our user-friendly design tool.

2020 Scared Me Enough Halloween window decor idea

Quote inspiration:

  • I witch you a Happy Halloween
  • Stop in for a spell, I’m brewing spirits
  • Please park your brooms at the door

Bring the above-mentioned ideas to life using our ready-made Halloween templates. Customize them with the help of our design tool and order right away. You can choose your favorite material, size and other options like cutting and printing style.

Read the next section on how to decorate a window for Halloween for important advice to get the most out of your decorations!

Tips and Highlights: How to Decorate Your Window for Halloween

Here are the promised tips and highlights on how to decorate your windows for Halloween.

Tip 1. Achieve a Mysterious Look With the Right Material

When it comes to Halloween decorations, an air of mystery is definitely a plus. Frosted window decals, known for providing privacy, will look just right with the above-featured graphics. Make sure they cover the whole window and choose the standard cutting option for sharp edges.

mysterious Halloween window idea

Tip 2. Choose the Correct Colors for Lighting

You can use red, orange, green or other enticing colors for your Halloween lighting. As long as you choose the frosted stickers, any shade will look foggy and hypnotizing from the outside.

Tip 3. Go With Reusable Stickers 

Choose static clings as an alternative to temporary adhesives. This way, you’ll be able to reuse them after taking them off. They also stick to other glass-like surfaces.

Tip 4. Get Double-Sided Letting for Visibility 

Choose vinyl lettering if you want your stickers to look nice from both sides of the window. Keep in mind that the second surface printing option will allow you to apply them from the inside.

With the ideas and tips we’ve covered, you’re now ready to decorate your windows for Halloween. Create your decor with Square Signs using our online tool. Our designers have provided cool templates in case you don’t have an eye for eerie beauty. You can also upload your own graphics. Get started on your window decorations now for a monster celebration this Halloween!