Jessica Goldsworthy
Jessica Goldsworthy April 1, 2020 • 7 min read
Jessica Goldsworthy is a content creator at Square Signs, passionate about everything related to interior design and decoration. She enjoys DIY projects, learning new things and is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

In addition to our video tutorial, we’ve decided to write a blog post with a step-by-step guide explaining how to get the most of our design tool.

How to Access the Design Tool?

You may access our design tool in a number of ways. 

First, from the top of the homepage by clicking “create your design now”.Squaresigns homepage screenshot

Second, from a product page, on the top right side by clicking, “create your sign now.”

Squaresigns product page screenshot

Third, you may access it from the templates section.

Go to the templates page, click on any template, then click on the “design now” button.

Squaresigns templates' section screenshot

What is Each Tab and Feature Used for? 

After you successfully get to our design tool page, here’s what you need to know about it.

Below you can find in detail, what each tab is used for in our design tool and all the features that you can find there.

This is the sidebar. 

Squaresigns design tool sidebar screenshot

In the product tab you can choose your future sign. If you don’t select any product, acrylic signs will be selected by default.

Or if you come to the design tool from a certain product page, that product will be automatically selected. 

To find your desired product, click on the products icon on the sidebar and use the search bar or scroll through the products list.

how to choose a product in design tool video animation

Next comes the size tab. Here you choose your product’s size either in square inches or square feet. You can choose from the standard available sizes or set a custom size for your sign.

The button in the middle with arrows allows you to switch between width and height.

To help you better visualize the size of the product, this section shows how it compares to 5.5 feet person. 

how to use the size tab in the design tool video animation

Following is the options tab where you can see all the modification options and accessories available for your sign. The number of available modifications varies across products.

For example, for acrylic signs we have these 7 customization options: 

how to use the options tab in the design tool video animation

Material - where you can pick the material for your future sign, change its thickness & color.

Cut - where you can choose from the cutting options available for your product. You can see the detailed description of each cutting option here on the right side.

In the next section, you can add standoffs for your sign. Depending on your needs, you can add either 4 standoffs (one in each corner) or six standoffs (two additional at the top and the bottom or left and right center). Standoffs are available in two diameters and lengths.  

Printing - this option allows you to choose the printed side or sides of your sign. If you choose double sided prints, the graphics will be displayed on both sides.

Then, you choose the surface where you want your graphics to be printed. There are quite a few ways of displaying graphics on clear acrylic. 

Note that second surface prints are available only for transparent materials.

If you want your sign to be pre-drilled, you can choose the location of the holes. 

And finally, in the accessories section you can see all available accessories for your signs - easel backs of different sizes, command strips and section cup and hook. Depending on your needs you can choose one or more accessories to be included with your product.

The next one is the templates tab. Find a template by scrolling, looking into categories or use the search bar to search.

how to use the templates tab in the design tool video animation

Just click or drag and drop the template onto the project board. 

Templates are fully customizable. Click the element you want to change then use the toolbar to adjust. You can change images, colors, texts and more.

how to customize a template in the design tool video animation

In the next tab you can choose design elements - illustrations, lines & shapes to add to your design.  Here you can also find your desired element by using the search bar. 

All the elements are changeable in size and color to fit your custom design.

how to change element size in the design tool video animation

The text tab allows you to add a text box to your design. Our design tool has a wide range of all types of font families be it serif or non-serif.

You can choose from different font types & styles, whether you need to add business hours to your sign or any other information.  

how to choose text font style in the design tool video animation

With the background tab, you can choose the background color for your design. 

You can choose a solid color or choose from hundreds of available background textures.

There’s also the uploads tab where you can add your own photos and images to your design.

how to upload image to the design tool video animation

And finally in the bottom left corner you can choose the screen mode - white or black.

By the way, all your designs are auto-saved in your account. But you can also save manually by clicking the save button.

how to save design in the design tool video animation

Well, that’s it! You have all the info to design your sign now. Have a great time designing!