Best Trade Show Banners to Use for Promos

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Best Trade Show Banners You Can Use

One of the best opportunities you’ll even have for networking and meeting competitors, clients and customers are at a trade show. Of course, the big concern with a trade show is getting yourself to stand out in what is often a crowd of thousands of other people and businesses.

The answer is high-quality custom signage to get people to notice you and to inform them of your business. But what kinds of convention signs should you be using? There are lots of different options. Your selection should be based on what you’re trying to say and where.

Here are some options and relevant things to consider.

Step And Repeat or Backdrop Style Banners

These displays scream “trade show.”  Available in 8’x8’, 9’x8’, or 10’x8’, step and repeat banners are perfect for presenting a company name and logo, or spotlighting sponsors. Step and repeat banners from Square Signs are easy to set up, break down and transport. The one set, including banner and frame, weighs about 22 pounds.

Step and repeat banners are large and thus make great backdrops and borders for your stand. They’ll be featured in lots of photos so leverage them to promote your brand. A large number of people should be able to clearly see everything on them from a distance.

A design with motifs or a simple logo in the middle is usually best. You don’t want to overdesign a step and repeat because they’re usually not meant to be a focal point. Generally, it’s best to stick to simple, minimalistic designs for these pieces. 

X-Stand, Retractable, Pop-Up Display Styles

A huge advantage of pop-up displays is that they set up in literally seconds.  All you have to do is lock the pole into place on the base, then pull up the banner and attach it to the top of the pole. To take it down, you simply detach the banner from the pole, slide it back into the base, and remove the pole. Easy assembly as well as break-down.

Ease of use isn’t the only reason to go with a pop-up banner. They also feature a high-quality fabric or vinyl display that is as vivid as it is durable. They’re smaller than the step and repeat banners, which means you have a lot more versatility in where you can use them.

Generally, the best place to put a pop-up banner is near the front or entrance area of your booth. Because they’re eye-catching, you can feature your company logo and all kinds of important information on them. You can use the sign to advertise limited-time offers and exclusive benefits for the show. If you want to draw extra attention, you can even attach lighting to the sign.

X-stand banners and retractable banners are easier to install than pop-up banners. They’re also easy to transport and can be placed in almost any location. They are also extremely stable, so you don’t have to worry about them being knocked over in heavy foot traffic.

Feather Flag Banners, Teardrop Banners

Feather flags and teardrop flags, on the other hand, are explicitly built for quick setup and breakdown. They can be moved and repositioned repeatedly without any hassle.

You’ll frequently see these types of flags stuck in the ground with stakes at outdoor events. They’rer also available with a flat base for use indoors or on concrete and asphalt. They’re great eye-catchers and can be made up to 18 feet tall. They’ll capture attention across any trade show space. 

The displays are similar in many ways so your choice depends on the space. You can pick them by size, ease of transport and installation, style appeal or all of the above. If you have enough room, getting multiple designs is the best way to stand out from the crowd.